Please see below challenge to MP Mary Creagh regarding the legality of a policy of compulsory vaccination  (widely publicised over the weekend and today). 

Circulate this widely.  Post it on the web.  Send this to your UK political representatives, say you object and ask them to complain to the government for you.  Ask your relatives and friends to write and object too.  Use www.writetothem.com.  Ask everyone who gets this to email to send it to five others.


Clifford G. Miller <cgmiller@cliffordmiller.com>
To: creaghm@parliament.uk

Dear Ms Creagh,

MP calls for MMR jab certificates before kids go to school

I write regarding your widely publicised call for a policy of compulsory MMR vaccination.

Providing treatment that is not clinically needed and misleading patients as to the clinical need for a treatment so as to vitiate their consent is unethical and can mean the administration of the treatment is a criminal offence:  Appleton v Garrett (1995) 34 BMLR 23.

This is what the BMA had to say about mumps vaccination:-

Mumps Vaccine "Unnecessary" Says BMA
And there is similarly no clinical benefit to children of rubella vaccination:-
Rubella Vaccine Unnecessary for Children
And the risk to children from measles is now very small as can be seen here:-
Measles - The Official Statistics
Sir Sandy Macara is former Chairman of the British Medical Association and member of the BMA's Ethics Committee.  Yet he seems to be unaware of the unethical and potentially criminally unlawful nature of your proposed policy.  Should someone tell him?

I also note that instead of adopting a responsible and adult approach to the electorate, and providing skeptical parents with a choice, New Labour:
So should we trust British politicians with our children's health, especially when it comes to vaccination?  That seems unwise in the light of the following:-
British Government's Reckless Disregard for Child Health Safety

The Hannah Poling Case
Autism and other health problems from vaccines

Sir Sandy's medical contemporaries behind the Wakefield witchhunt

Strong Evidence Vaccines Cause Autism - A Population Level Rechallenge in Japan

Risk to Children & Government Scaremongering
I look forward to hearing from you.


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