MMR vaccine court judgements

Ryan Mojabi (MMR autism)

[2012 Dec] Ryan suffered a "Table injury under the Vaccine Act – namely, an encephalitis within five to fifteen days following receipt of the December 19, 2003 MMR vaccine"

US Court Rules In Favour Of Family In MMR Vaccine Case Ben Zeller The US Court ruled [July 2008] in favour of this little boy Benjamin Zeller that as a result of the MMR vaccination received on 17 November 2004, Benjamin, suffered persistent, intractable seizures, encephalopathy, and developmental delay, and also this news footage

Court case---Matthew James Huston--transverse myelitis and residual quadriplegia (case rejected)
Court case--Jessica Muchnick (1998)--arthritis (case rejected)
Court case--Donna Wagner (aged 39, Rubella vaccination)--arthropathy, The testimony indicated that arthropathy is present in somewhere between forty and sixty percent of patients with Sjogren's. Similar findings regarding Sjogren's Syndrome were made in the Omnibus Proceeding. Accordingly, the sixth element of the test specifically lists Sjogren's Syndrome as a disqualifying factor. Thus, if a petitioner has Sjogren's Syndrome, then under the Omnibus Proceeding's test, she cannot recover under the Vaccine Act for arthropathy allegedly resulting from a rubella vaccination. (case denied)

These cases included toddlers who had been called “very smart” and “impressed” doctors with their “intelligence and curiosity” until their vaccinations. Based on an on-line report,8 those nine cases were:

  1. Banks v. HHS (Case 02-0738V, 2007 U.S. Claims LEXIS 254, July 20, 2007) MMR vaccine administered in March 2000. The child was diagnosed with PDD secondary to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). Michael McLaren, counsel for petitioner; Richard Abell, Special Master

In some of these cases (e.g., Lassiter), the government actually attempted to use the child’s autism diagnosis as a reason to deny compensation for the child. Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research----Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD

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