A life ruined by a jab

Letter, Daily Mail, April 16, 2001

AT 16 months-old, my son Cameron, now nearly five, contracted chickenpox, during which time he suffered a febrile convulsion and spent 48 hours in hospital. It was terrifying — he suffered the convulsion while on my lap and I thought he had died. As a result, I let him have the MMR jab.

So when it was my daughter Katy’s turn for the MMR jab, I did not hesitate. I received lots of information and, drawing on my experiences I felt she was safe. On reflection, I was naive — all the information I had gathered came from the NHS.

At 13 months, Katy was waving bye-bye, clapping her hands and pointing. Then she had her MMR jab. At 22 months was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. I have drawn my own conclusions.

Claire Cisotti’s comments (Mail) make my blood boil. She says she has done her homework and dug up the facts, which I expect came from the NHS.

Please, let her come and spend a day with Katy and see the child’s condition for herself. It is heartbreaking to see my child not even able to call for Mummy when she needs me.

SHEILA TAYLOR, Kingsnorth, Kent.