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Posted - 07/18/2007 :  00:20:25  
I would just like to say that I think this web site is wonderful and its nice to see mothers questioning the 'experts'information.
My son is now nearly 10 and believe me its been one hell of an uphill battle, given the chance to of had all this information and questions I think things may of been very different all those years ago, I certainly wouldnt of agreed to the MMR for him.
He was a lovely baby , very bright and always happy and smiling. He developed very well sitting at 6 months eating solids babbling and even a few basic words at 1 year , first steps around this time too . Wow we were so happy.
He had his MMR around 15 months as scheduled in 'the little red book'
he cried all the way home which wasnt unusual for having a needle stuck into your leg.
he cried most of the night and so we gave him calpol like we were told . The next day he was very quiet not his usual self but didnt think much of it over the next week he became very pale and restless crying and screaming a lot ( the doctor on many occasions said it was just temper tantrums and the health visitor).
the week after he had a fit after tring to bath him he screamed and became rigid and inconsolable ( i was so frightened ) i phoned the nhs helpline who said it sounded like a fit and to see the doctor who then told me agian that it was most likely to be a temper tantrum.
the weeks passed and he deteriorated more the screaming just got unbearable he didnt talk anymore, his eating regressed back to liquid food,he couldnt walk anymore.
I was accused by family of molicodling him too much thats why he was like a baby!
my relationship broke down because of this and had to cope on my own not knowing what was happening to my child.
on his 18 month check he failed everything but still no investigation only with his hearing which i insisted was fine.
I saw a documentary on trevor macdonld about autism and it was like watching my son and the same symtoms I though OH MY GOD THATS IT!
still nobody would listen (proffesionals) it was only after 18 months of failed hearing tests and putting him under aneasthetic to test him would anyone belive me and consider the possilbility.He was seeing a consultant for bowel problems at the time who then reffered him to an assesment unit for a week, after which I finally got the answer that I was right all along !!!
My son then was able to get the help and support that has helped him to get some sort of life and myself able to cope.

Wow sorry I have waffled so much ...but its nice to let people know what I have been through ( and believe me this is the short short version!!!) any way lets leave it there for now its just too upsetting to remember.
Like i said at the beginning I just wish Id KNOWN better and had that CHOICE.
love to you all xx