Daily Mail Letters - July 23 2007

Dr Wakefield can help our suffering son

Building a new house in our front garden and selling our old house is the only way we can keep supporting our son James, in his on-going medical treatment in America.

We believe James was terribly injured by the MMR vaccination, diagnosed severely autistic when he was three. He's now on the waiting list at Thoughtful House, Texas, to see Dr Arthur Krigsman, one of Dr Andrew Wakefield's collegues. They are the only doctors in the world with the knowledge to help him.

How despicable that Dr Wakefield stands on trial for trying to identify the stomach and bowel disease that we believe was triggered by the vaccine.

James is nine and, like his sister, Alex, is a joy. I'm humbled by his sunny nature and determination.He's a talented artist and enjoys writing magazines and stories.

At 19 months, he had a terrible reaction to the MMR jab. His leg swelled and he slept fitfully with fevers for days. He developed a raging thirst and temperatures.

Ten days after the jab he developed a measles-like rash and was very ill. Within weeks, he lost all eye contact, descended into full-blown autism and lost all skills and language.

He also developed severe bowel problems, would scream for hours and lost all desire to communicate. It was a nightmare for all of us.

By researching on the internet, we've brought him back from severe autism to a child who still has difficulties but not as you'd know, apart from a speech delay and being a slow learner at school.

He still has horrendous bowel and stomach pain, can't digest food and has allergies.

How has the Government managed to get away with removing Thimerosal (the mercury preservative) from DTP vaccinations? We believe the three shots of mercury our son received in the triple DTP as a baby affected his developing immune system so much that when he had the MMR, it was in no fit state to mount an effective response.

Sue Lawson, Bedale, North Yorks.
Posted by JABS