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[This 'syndrome' is connected big time to vaccine deaths (as is SBS and cot death) yet any mention of this fact is attacked by Penny Mellor and the moderator will remove posts.  Also any ability to e mail other forum members by whale has been disabled. Lisa Blakemore-Brown is particularly disliked as she is a professional who links vaccines to autism.]

Penny Mellor defending vaccination and attacking Wakefield

See: Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy  Cot death, crib-death, SIDS  Shaken Baby Syndrome

Moderator removing posts critical to vaccination:


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New postPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 3:16 pm    Post subject: Stay on topic Reply with quote

Let's remember to please stay on topic.

Overall, please don't get into the habit of using use this discussion board as a platform for anti-vaccine issues, as that is not the intent of MAMA.

Thank you.


I removed the topic, "Vaccinations & Childhood Deaths" from "Off Topic" today because, 1) As I told you already, I don't want this board to become a platform for "your" (or anyone else's) specific cause; 2) several of your links were dead; 3) you already have your web site posted to your membership info (and your web site info is basically plastered all over the board!); 4) quite a lot of your site's info either not factual, not peer reviewed, or not backed by references.

I need to ask you to stick to posting per site guidelines, and if you have registered under more than one e-mail address and/or are using more than one user name, e-mail back which you wish me to delete from the data base, as you may only use one. (If you do not do so, I will delete all.)

Thank you.



Dear Whaleto

Can I ask why your post cot death and vaccines has beentaken down?


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