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Originally Posted by jlpolzin
No doubt that when more of the general population gets vaccinated for small pox, we'll see a sharp rise in the disease.
One thing I didn't write up, was the horrendous side-effects of the vaccine throughout history.

But here's something else to consider:

As part of my research into vaccines, I looked at cancer death statistics from all causes from as far back as I was able in this country, and in the UK.

Obviously I cannot speak for USA. Uk stats go way back, far further than any other country I know.

What prompted me, was the Royal Commission in the 1880's. I read the medical journals of the time, years ago, and was impressed by the evidence given by cancer specialists of the time who were adamant that the smallpox vaccine caused cancer at the site.

They were emphatic about the position of cancers at the start of its "notification". In particular, seamen, who had the smallpox vaccine, and who also wore the old type of oil-skin which was water-proofed with something resembling creosote, use to present to doctors with tumours at the place of the smallpox scar.

So we see cancer at smallpox sites... (A bit like we now know cat vaccines cause cancers at the site...)

I set out to search for information on that.

A medline search revealed a paper in Mutation Research, 71 (1980) 263-267, titled Chromosomal aberrations and SCE in lymphocytes of children revaccinated against smallpox" which also spoke about the same thing happening in people who were vaccinated against yellow fever.

The article pointed out that chromosomal break can be had as a result of any viral disease, but that vaccination seemed to have a much more potent effect.

The conclusion of the article reads
Our double experimental study confirms Frolov's conclusion that smallpox revaccination has a mutagenic effect on human fhromosomes in vive. Our results differ only in a slower decrease of aberrant cells with time which may be attributable to various reasons (different vaccines, different age of children tested, different vaccination technique, etc.) The questions arise whether revaccination has a greater effect on human chromosomes than primovaccination, and also whether the immunoloical response of the recipient plays a role in the aetiology of the chromosomal aberrations.
I sent a copy immediately to Dr Mendelsohn, who sent me back the extracts from a book discussing the work of Francisco Duran-Reynals who proved that the smallpox vaccine virus, vaccinia was exceptional in the variety of acute and neoplastic effects they could induce.

The extracts he sent were from a book called 2nd Duran-Reynals International Symposium on Viral Replication and Cancer published by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, Barcelona, in 1973, which states:
It was well known that the acute effects of vaccinia in human and animal skin are preceded by a proliferative response often indistinguishable from pre-malignant neoplasia, and there was also evidence that malignant tumors had been observed to develop in man at the site of the skin lesions caused by Smallpox vaccination. Although in recent years a significant number of these tumors have been reported, Duran-Reynals knew of only a few cases which for the most part, had not been reported. However, he was certain that these tumors were highly significant in that they seemed to reveal effects of vaccinia which under the right conditions would be consistently repeated...Duran-Reynals was the first to demonstrate that an acute virus infective in man enhances the neoplastic effects of a chemical carcinogen. With these studies he also demonstrated that the development of malignant tumors at the site of vaccinia-induced skin lesions can be a consistently reproducible, predictable event.
The second interesting correlates are combined. Up until the 1880's, the only vaccine was the smallpox - scratched onto the skin. And up until the 1880's all reported autopsies in the medical literature, only show cancers to have been on the outside of the bodies. In the 1880's diphtheria toxin-anti-toxin, which is not the vaccine, was developed, and it was administered by needle. In the 1890's, cancer experts started seeing, for the first time, internal cancers, and pathologists started reporting them.

Duran-Reynals also proved that virus + hormone + carcinogen === sure fire malignant cancers.

So into that equation you have to factor this... that... At the same time as this arsenate of lead was first used as a spray for protection of fruits and tomatoes against the larvae of certain insects, particularly the codlin moth, and the white butterfly. Lead arsenate, which has a number of variations in its molecular composition, is extremely poisonous, which means that very small amounts of it provide an irritating effect on the epithelial cells, both externally and internally. This was first described by Sir Francis Walshe in "diseases of the Nervous system" (9th Edition, pg 157). In USA, Paris Green (or copper arsenate) had been used earlier than arsenate of lead. It was also speculated that Paris Green might also have been responsible for the polio epidemic in Stockholm in 1887.

A thesis published by a New Zealand doctor W. H. Davis, M.B., Ch.B. related also, that arsenate of lead was related, in his opinion, to epidemics of polio, which originally occurred in late summer and autumn, following the use of lead arsenate in orchards and gardens. He went into considerable detail as to how arsenate of lead, weakened the cells in the gut system, allowing the polio virus entry to those damaged cells...

He also pointed out that the only country in the world at that time, to publish for housewives, stringent procedures in food management, to prevent injestions of prays, was also the one country in the world with the lowest level of Polio.

Since that time, literally thousands of sprays such as DDT, 245T etc, have been used, which should be considered dangerous to mankind, though most people dismiss that. IMo, many of the ones we use now, are highly toxic, and we know some mimic hormones.

So if you dished out smallpox vaccine NOW, what would happen do you think?

What do you think they might attribute the results to?

When the USA decided to use smallpox vaccine in health professionals they also found a previously unknown connection between the smallpox vaccine and myocarditis.

The question is, what else don't they know?