Dr. Andrew Moulden

[Dodgy geezer, see http://www.capmh.ca/mouldenquits.html.]

"As far as Iím concerned, anyone who has anything to do with Andrew Moulden is cutting themselves off at the knees and removing the nose from their face.  That applies to anyone; parents, doctors and the media."---Hilary Butler

There are some in the autism community who believe Moulden is a con man.  Some have paid for his services but as yet haven't received anything for them.  Someone wrote to McMaster University to ask if Andrew Moulden had graduated from their med school in 2000 and the reply was that they were "unable to confirm the degree information for a student by this name".  

One of Moulden's CAP opponents claims that the naval officer's uniform he used in the picture on his AMASS site was borrowed from a woman whose husband had actually served in the US Navy.   To do such a thing is apparently illegal.  And should be illegal if he is dressing up and having a photo taken solely to market his products.

Perhaps Richard Milner could ask Moulden about these things, and also how Bernard Rimland could have been excited about Moulden's (stroke) research when they allegedly met in 2000, when in 2007 Moulden's theory of THE cause of autism appears to have been rubella:


Scam warning: Dr. Mouldenís DVD

23 February, 2009 (21:10) | 4 - Resources | By: Mom

I just wanted to post this in case anyone has been following Dr Moulden and was interested in purchasing his DVD. Well, donít waste your money. I ordered this in December and as of today, have yet to receive this. On inquiring over a month ago as to when I was going to receive it, I was told it would be mailed that weekendÖ weeks later, I have yet to receive it. (I have not received a refund either.)

In case I do ever receive this DVD, I will retract this post and let you all know - but for now, I gotta say that this has had to have been one pretty clever scam.

I hope he proves me wrong, but Iím not holding my breath.

March 24, 2009: Just wanted to provide an update since Iíve been getting emails about this - No, I have not received the DVD that I paid for in December 2008. I have not received a refund that I requested well over a month ago, nor have I received a response to that request.