[Curable with Zappers, Oxygen Therapy, Colloidal silver, and Vitamin C. None are Allopathic so be some time afore we see them in use.]

[2010 Jan] Colloidal Silver Banned in Europe, Part III: An Exclusive Interview with Anders Sultan, Sweden’s Largest Colloidal Silver Manufacturer  We also had a study conducted on our Ionosil product that proves it is extremely effective on MRSA, which of course is a highly antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria. We even got a testimonial from a woman who contracted MRSA, and struggled with dual forms of antibiotics for three months with no improvement. But once she started using our product internally and topically, the MRSA was gone within 24 hours.
.....Danish scientists on the other hand, did a thorough follow-up on all their 400 cataloged antibiotic-resistant strains and found that not a single one of these bacterial strains were resistant to silver. So it turns out that silver would actually be the answer needed to solve the problems they’re having with drug-resistant bacterial strains.

[2009 Dec] Solution to killer superbug found in Norway

Hilary Butler documenting HIB, then Prevnar now MRSA

As detailed in my 2009 Toxic Beauty book, I would like to draw your attention to a generally
unrecognized cause of MRSA infections.  This is strongly related to triclosan, an active
ingredient as a preservative in many cosmetics and personal care products.  Including nearly
half of all commercial anti-bacterial surfactants-deodorants, detergents, toothpastes, and
Dr. Epstein

Pig Business at the House of Commons. Professor Mark Enright speaking about the links between MRSA and factory pig farming at the Pig Business event at the House of Commons

Part 1 Richard Young speaking about MRSA and factory pig farming at the Pig Business event at the House of Commons

Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA