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My daughter died from a mmr vaccine and no one wants to talk about it in a public forum, read on and learn what I have about vaccines

Entry for February 25,2009

I wrote newspapers, television shows, etc. only to find rejection or no response at all. In my case it appears that no one wants to talk about it. My reason for posting is not to debate whether one should vaccinate or not, I just only want to tell others what we did not know, what the doctors don't tell you, how politics continues to cover for the drug companies thanks to their lobbying efforts. I know first hand that in this state our Governor was trying to pass a law (yes and actual law this time) requiring teenage girls to receive a vaccine (I forget which one it was, sorry) only to find out that the governor's wife was on the payroll of one of the largest drug manufacturer's to the tune of 100 thousand dollars a year! Once this came out right on our capital floor the movement for the law was dropped right then and there! This was in the last 2 years.

I don't want to argue pro's or con's regarding medicine with anyone I just don't think we should be required by any law to have any type of medicine, chemical, etc. injected into our system. I REALLY object to being advised that a vaccination is required because there is a law when in fact there isn't!

Here is what I do know. My daughter was examined and deemed healthy prior to the vaccination and on that day received ONLY the MMR vaccination (yes, I know it is 3 in one) and after a very in depth autopsy to include inspection of the body, testing her body organs and tissues for any known or perceived causes of encephalitis in the USA and ALL other countries, every test came back negative. I remember saying to the doctor that "then it must have been the vaccine" and he said without hesitation "it was not the vaccine" to which I replied "bull****!" and he followed with "Max, I represent a children's hospital, I am not going to go on record stateing it was the vaccine when there is no proof it was the vaccine" I remember being at that hospital, my wife and I called into a large conference room where there must have been a dozen white coats in there. And for what seemed like an hour, we were asked about her symptoms, what did she eat, had she been in any lake's, swimming pool's, had she been sick and many many more questions. They were very thorough. Then the question was asked had she been vaccinated recently to which my wife replied "yes, seven days ago, it was an MMR vaccine" and whole mood in the room changed and I asked "what? what just happened? was the vaccine the cause of this? what is going on here?" and the doctor said that wasn't it and then they all got up and left the room.

I just don't want anyone else to have to go through this, the fall out since has been nothing short of devastating. My marriage of 17 years was destroyed by this event not quickly mind you but slowly. I am still trying to reach out to a public forum in which to tell my story, there is so much more to tell than what I have shared here. Knowlege is power, I want other parents to have this knowlege. I know personally of one child that has been saved from encephalitis from this knowlege. They acted fast and this child is now a normal young man today.

In another case I took my son to the hospital after a minor cut, he was 14 at the time and the doctor said he would need a tetnus vaccine. I told him that we would do it later and insisted that it was the law and I told him that I had already lost one child to a vaccine and he was NOT going to vaccine my son until I could view the www.vaers.org website and he looked at me as if he didn't understand. He also seemed offended but I did not care. After viewing the website I learned there a 4 types of this particular vaccine and each one has a history of more adverse reactions than the others. Please, read this web site, it has data of people of all ages and the results of their injuries. Other links I highly recommend is www.generationrescue.com and there you will find a link to the Age of Autism. Another website with very valuable information.

God Bless!