Mythbuster on mercury

See my issue with thimerosal is that it is always referred to as
'ethylmercury', the lone little ingredient similar to methylmercury as in fish.

This is absolute garbage. It is sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate.
Ethyl mercury married with a salicylate. Salicylates increase gut
permeability, rendering the ethylmercury more toxic in a sense,
coupled with the fact that it is mixed with aluminium (refer other
post) makes it even worse.

All this is ignored on the nice little leaflets that Eve recommends.

Also as mercury's (as they call it) toxicity is weight/ratio
relevant I would love to see the studies that show it is safe to
inject a seven month old foetus (2 month premmie) with the same
amount of 'mercury' as a five year old kid.

Remember vaccines aren't calibrated.

The only tests ever performed on this product were done in 1930, at
on 21 mature males dying of meningitis.

Why is Congressman Dan Burton calling for jail sentences for those in
the FDA and other govt departments that were aware of the toxicity,
lack of testing and relevance to autism but sat on their hands?

So much for the morality of those that endorse those nice little
leaflets convincing you to inject a child with chemicals of unknown toxicity.

And did the FDA know in 1930. They sure as hell did, as did the
manufacturer, Eli Lilly.

How do I know this? The horses mouth. I can't say more than that at this stage.

Oh, and why was thimerosal removed from over the counter products and
dog vaccines, yet remains in kids vaccines??????