November 26, 2007

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NY Punishes Doc, MD Threatens Parents for Vaccine Refusal

by Barbara Loe Fisher

Last month, the state of New York slapped a $10,000 fine and State-ordered
supervision of a pediatrician practicing in the Upper West of New York
City, who helped parents get their children in school without all the
state-mandated vaccines. Pediatrician Mark Nesselson said he did it because
of the parents' and his concerns about the long term health risks of giving
children so many vaccines. He is quoted in the Nov. 25 New York Post as
saying "The central issue has not gone away. For me, that is the merit
behind mandating immunizations that start so early, that are so numerous."

The report of New York State officials punishing a pediatrician with fines
for failing to vaccinate children comes on the heels of media reports last
week chronicling the actions by Maryland State officials punishing parents,
whose children had not shown proof of hepatitis B and chickenpox
vaccinations, with threats of fines and jail time.
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There is a spirited public discussion taking place on the website boards of
print and broadcast media outlets reporting on doctors and parents, who are
being threatened and harassed by state government officials for failing to
get all state mandated vaccines. It is clear that a growing number of
Americans do not like being forced to get so many vaccines for their
children. When 1 in every 100 to 150 American child develops autism and 1
in 6 is learning disabled and 1 in 9 has asthma, it is no wonder that
American parents are asking: Why are so many of our highly vaccinated
children so sick? And it is no wonder more parents and enlightened
physicians are seeking ways to make vaccine choices that do not conform
with one-size-fits-all federal vaccine policy recommendations and state
vaccine mandates.

Whenever the heel of the boot of the State is used to crush legitimate
dissent, the more people will question why it is necessary to keep the
people in chains. For more than 25 years, the parents of vaccine injured
children have been calling on public health officials to institute vaccine
safety and informed consent protections in the US mass vaccination system
so that Americans can make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccination.
The public health crisis today is very much about one-size-fits-all vaccine
policies that compel children to use dozens of doses of vaccines that have
not protected their long term good health.