Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia Symptoms caused by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Electrosensitivity in relation to Mercury

by  Adrienne Obbard

 I apologise in advance for the large amount of reading here but I have to explain everything to get it all across.

I need to start at the beginning because I feel it is all relevant to my story as I will explain later.

I was born in 1960 after a traumatic 48 hour labour and finally foeceps during a general anaesthetic.

Apart from the first few weeks, I was a typical 60’s bottle fed baby sleeping all night from very early on.

I was the eldest of three girls & had all the usual vaccinations.

We were brought up in the country on a farm in Sussex having a healthy, happy, active childhood in a secure and loving family.

From my mid teens onwards I lacked concentration, energy and an inabilty to absorb  and retain information.

 It was only fairly recently that I realised I did not have the same stamina as my peers.

 I left school and began nurse training in 1979. Again, since I was not up to doing the SRN training I opted to do SEN which was  the more practical course and less academic. I married in 1980 and  nursed until 1993, having three children during this time. The  physical and mental demands of this work with a young family too was too much for me any more.

 In 1990 I had a course Hepatitis B vaccines. I was unaware until recently that it was this that probably had such a devastating effect on my health.

It was also at this time, I had my third child Justine and I have always believed that the pregnancy must have been the trigger.  On reflection, this is a perfecttly natural occurrence and there is no reason why this should have been the case other than causing me to be a bit  run down.

 A few weeks after the first vaccine (I had actually just concieved though was not aware at the time) I was very ill with acute sinusitis. I had never had this before and have suffered with sinusitis ever since. Generally, all went well with the pregnancy & delivery and baby was fine although she has suffered a great deal with ear infections and her hearing.

It was at this time I started to notice that pain & stiffness had developed in both arms around the elbow joints. Other symptoms appeared as listed below;

 Fatigue, muscle and joint pain – mainly upper body, headaches, itchy and dry skin, allergies and sensitivities, food intolerances, low/falling blood pressure, stinging eyes, poor s/t memory, constantly feeling cold, IBS, urinary frequency and many more.

 Over the years, particularly the last eight, I have seen many specialists both within the health service and privately at great cost to ourselves. I have gained clues along the way ruling out all other possibilities. All tests have shown nothing abnormal.

 Except one. This was done by a highly qualified osteopath who also practiced kinesiology. He confidently guaranteed my health problems were due to my mercury fillings and thankfully, I followed his advice and had them removed by a mercury free dentist in 1999 followed by chelation therapy. He told me it would take some years to recover and only 7 years later did I notice any dramatic change in my health.

 Last year my right arm recovered. Puzzled as to why one and not the other I saw another osteopath who was also a naturopath. He treated my left arm with ultrasound, tiny electric shocks and laser light. Positive this sophisticated treatment  would work I happily went away only to find that I then developed burning, searing pain which I had never experienced before. He was at a loss to explain why though little did he know this was a whole new ballgame!

 I began to be much more aware of the things that aggravated my arm and noticed that it was better after a nights sleep but hurt soon after getting up even  though I had done nothing strenuous. It also was more noticeable when I checked my emails in thee mornings.

 One day I just looked at my arms & wondered what was different. If anything the right should be worse as I am right handed and would have more wear & tear. It just did’t make sense. Then it clicked. My metal watch! I removed my watch and after three weeks no change so rather disappointed (but I am used to this!) put it back on again. The pain got worse so I then removed my watch permanently and two months later the arm recovered completely. It was preventing my arm from healing. Now after 18 years my arms are better. That is a hell of a long time. A kinesiologist recently told me she thought it was the battery.

 Now of course, I am even more aware and now know that the portable phone I use at work (as a museum assistant) gives me pain in my right hip when I wear it in a small bag.  I first noticed this by accident and stopped wearing it. Two weeks later I experimented for nearly an hour. When I put the phone in the bag the pain comes within a few minutes when I take it out it goes. Same results every time. Quite incredible & I would never have believed it myself. I should point out that I have a slight weakness in this hip and this aggravates it. I do not think it is the cause.

 For the last month I have had a metallic taste in my mouth. This gets worse after a few minutes on the phone, computer or when under fluorescent lighting. These lights also make me feel very lightheaded and give me feelings of unreality.

 Since 1993 I have only worked part time in jobs that are not too demanding. I have to pace myself carefully. If I overdo it or eat things I shouldn’t, it takes me a week to get back to normal. (whatever that is?)

 I cannot take many of the supplements I need as I get ectopic heartbeats if I am not careful. These I now know are chemically induced and not caused by stress!

Stress makes this condition worse but it is not the cause and it is highly offensive to be told this.

 Due to the muscle pain, I have been sleeping alone in the spare room to improve the quality of my sleep. In this room we have the wi fi computer an cordless phone. Both switched on all night. The bed frame is metal and the fuse box in a cupboard the other side of the wall. Needless to say, I have moved again!!!

 This all explains so much. The great lengths I have gone to to get myself well have had little effect. EMFs have been there all the time leeching my energies preventing me from getting well.

 I wrote in january in desperation to the British Society for Ecological Medicine and got a letter of diagnosis back from Dr Sarah Myhill.

 Since then I have done a great deal of my own research and in April learned from Glaxo that the Vaccines I had contained Thiomersal (mercury) which would have no doubt been total overload to an already weakened  immune system. Glaxo have even admitted this to my GP practice nurse and that it could have sensitised me. I have no doubt now that this was the trigger. The real clue though has been the fact that I worked as a nusre in a hospital dental unit for 5 years prior to this having lots of contact with mercury.

 Any sceptics out there should watch the film made by The International Academy for Oral Medicine and Toxicology. “smoking teeth” and they will see where I am coming from. This film actually shows the harmful mercury vapour coming from mercury fillings and how it affects every organ of the body. It crosses the placenta and also affects the unborn foetus.

Interestingly, once it was known these people were on to something, funding was drastically cut.

I believe I was born with a damaged immune system to my own mothers mercury fillings. Don’t they now say pregnant women should not eat peanuts as it can sensitise the baby? Surely this is the same but worse.

Much of my time and energy this in recent months has been spent in trying to raise awareness in the public, professionals and the government to take notice of this.

I have the support of these people and also Sarah Myhill.

 Other interesting points to note are:

 I have a 34 yr old sister who has not only Downs Syndrome but also recently diagnosed, autism.

My mother has severe heart irregularities and is on 7 different pills. I believe she is chemically sensitive.

My three daughters, though healthy  do have sensitivities. Thankfully, they have no fillings.

Many of the things that seem to aggravate my symptom do contain mercury such as lighting, air conditioning and batteries.

 As yet, I have had no specific tests for toxins etc. I think the time has come though not quite sure where I go from here.

 I am keen to try homeopathy since I feel I will respond well to this now I have much more undersatanding of what has been happening. I take no medication and regualrly excercise. I also have recently started yoga.

 My life has been a struggle for a long time.

 Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

 Adrienne Obbard.