Parent Testimonial to UK GMC Panel, Update

march 19, 2010

Below is a testimonial to the GMC panel from Heather Edwards, regarding her son and his current health:

Dear Claire Henesy:

I write to you again now that I am aware of the findings of facts from the panel, with regards to the case of Dr Wakefield, Professor Murch and Professor Walker-Smith.  I stand by the contents of my previous testimonial and would like to add a statement following the findings on fact.

My own sonís health has deteriorated since I wrote my previous testimonial. It has now been 4 years since my son has been able to eat and still remains unable to tolerate ANY food. This is due to the bowel disease raging through his poor body.  My son is now 17 years old and weighs under 6 stone; he looks like a victim of a concentration camp.

Josh my son is living proof this bowel disease Dr Wakefield discovered does exist, due to the extreme level of it resulting in the removal of his entire Colon.  I cannot begin to explain the pain my son endures and how his own consultant is unable to treat the condition and move him forward.

I was very angered and upset on the days I attended the hearing, to hear Miss Smith say ď there was nothing physically wrong with these children;Ē  perhaps she needs to see my son and live with what he has to live with.  Joshís output in his ileostomy bag remains double the daily amount, due to untouchable bowel disease.  I have images of my sonís insides 3 years after trying to treat the disease with steroids and immuno-suppressants. These images show the bowel disease remains untouched in fact it was more prominent to see.

I feel the evidence presented has been completely ignored. The level of damage in these children has not been understood or investigated thoroughly. They were always out to crucify these three wonderful caring doctors regardless of the facts.

The panels are inadequately armed to access this case. I think the three doctors could have even stood up and performed a tap dance and the panel would not have noticed.  On several occasions when sitting in the hearing one particular member of the panel seem to always be fast asleep.

These three doctors are the caliber to assess children like my son. It should not be left to a Journalist or a legal team, or a panel of GPís, Psychologist and two council workers.

Ethically it is immoral for doctors to ignore the symptoms of these children. I find it absolutely outrageous that Dr Wakefield was found guilty of subjecting children to unnecessary invasive procedures.  I would like to know if it was unnecessary WHY were the procedures still being performed after he had left the Royal Free Hospital?. These tests are still being performed on my son, another admission tomorrow 17th March 2010. Surely all these doctors should be brought before the GMC if that is the case.

If my son was not ill enough then why was he referred from Great Ormond Street Hospital to the Royal Free?  These three doctors tried to help the children, not ignore them.  I would not like another child to pay the price my son is paying.

This was always going to be built on a political end, nothing more than a witch hunt.  My heart goes out to the three doctors who were only doing their job.

Yours sincerely

Heather Edwards