Letter to Daily Express June 2000

I wish to thank you for your campaign which supports vaccine victims such as myself.

Thirty-eight years ago at the age of three I was vaccinated even though I was extremely ill. As a result I was actually given Poliomyelitis by the vaccine. Six months in hospital followed this vaccine, as did a lifetime of suffering and pain — my bones didn’t grow as they should and I suffer from paralysis, hip dislocation and a curved spine.

Apart from all the orthopaedic surgery I have undergone, I was also deprived of delivering my babies naturally and so have had three Caesarian sections due to an underdeveloped pelvis.

My attempts to receive compensation through the courts are blocked due to the mysterious disappearance of hospital notes relating to the time of vaccination. This is a common problem for most of us this situation.

The 10,000 I received In 1980 Is poor recompense for being one of the "acceptable casualties" of a government backed vaccination programme. Thank you once again for your help and, support, because all the victims feel an acute sense of injustice. Maybe with your help we will finally have the right thing done by us.

Name and address supplied