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 8 yrs old female, Case of P-1, P-3 Polio Virus

2009 June 22 

 Indian Express reports;

 A 8 yrs old female resident of Tilakhna area on the border of Aligarh and Etah district of U.P. shows presence of Type-1 and Type 3 of polio virus in her stool samples, has become a cause of concern for the health experts in the state.

Since such co-infection is rare, experts are trying to find out which virus was dominant, leading to her paralysis.

“During the last week of May, when she reported early onset of paralysis, we had sent her samples for testing. The results showed the presence of both types of virus,” said S K Jindal, Chief Medical Officer of Aligarh.

The girl had received six doses of monovalent oral polio vaccine of Type-1 (mOPV-1). Since she hardly travelled, health experts believe that both P-1 and P-3 types are in circulation in the area where she resides.

As Aligarh is one of the high risk areas for the P-1 virus, in the last eight months, only mOPV-1 rounds of vaccination have been conducted in the area. “Since there were just P-1 vaccination rounds in the area, we are suspecting that it could have been P-3 which has actually caused the paralysis. We will try to get the samples re-tested if required,” Jindal said.

Dr S K Pathyarch, Regional Head of National Polio Surveillance Project, said: “Such cases are uncommon but there is nothing to worry. There was one such case two years ago. The only concern is that this indicates the ongoing transmission of both the viruses in the area. We suspect this girl may have got the viruses due to some immuno-deficiency.” “We have to continue with P-1 vaccination rounds as its eradication is our target. P-1 is more deadly than P-3,” he added.