Vaccine (and antibiotic injections) associated paralytic Poliomyelitis (VAPP)
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Neurologic diseases are common manifestations in enteroviral infections, and most common is aseptic meningitis in children. Only a few percents of poliovirus infected children may result in aseptic meningitis or paralytic poliomyelitis. VAPP (Vaccine Associated Paralytic Poliomyelitis) should be considered among patients with a recent history of receiving OPV (oral polio vaccine). Recently PCR analysis has been used in order to differentiate vaccine-strain from wild-strain poliovirus. There are no specific laboratory findings about enterovirus infections in CNS, however CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) in acute phase may show elevated, predominant polymorphonuclear cells and mean-while shift to mononuclear cell dominance. The G-CSF concentration in CSF with enteroviral meningitis is elevated, which indicates that induced G-CSF is responsible for neutrophil predominance in CSF.

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