State Terrorism

By Charles Pragnell 

December 10, 2007

Beyond Orwell’s 1984

What has become of Britain?. And England in particular?. When every honest parent and children live in a perpetual state of terror that they may be separated and never see each other again?. And it is not something that affects just those in low socio-economic groups but families at all levels of society – no one is exempt.

Britain has become a State where mothers are terrified to take their sick and poorly children to a hospital in case they are accused of abusing their child by causing the sickness! – or if their child falls from a bicycle or from a piece of furniture and injures his head they are afraid to take the child for medical treatment in case they are accused of causing the injury by shaking the child!. Where fathers are terrified of taking a photograph of his two small daughters running around in the back garden sprinklers without their clothes, in case he risks being accused of being a perverted paedophile!. Or he will be in the same state of terror if he dares to bath his small infant daughter.!

Where teachers in residential schools are terrified of touching a child, even a distressed and unhappy child, in case they are accused of physical abuse!. Or social workers in a Children’s Home who are placed in the same situation.

Where elderly men living alone see glances of suspicion as they walk down the street or if they sit idly gazing from a park bench while mothers scurry past with their prams and toddlers and sneaking disgusted looks out of the corner of their eyes.

We have become not only fearful of the state police in the form of child protection workers but fearful of each other !

So who and what has brought about this State of Terror in every parent and adult who works with children or is simply enjoying a day in the park?.  It is the zealots of the child protection system who have now convinced everyone that child abuse is occurring in almost every household and park and street around the country.

It probably began in the 1980s with the horrors in Cleveland when children were torn from their beds in midnight or dawn raids by social workers while burly policemen held their parents captive in case they sought to prevent their children’s removal in the dead of night. And the children were taken off to a hospital where they were examined by doctors repeatedly peering and poking at their rectums while they cringed in fear and embarrassment.

Then began the purges of the teachers and social workers who had worked in residential schools. They were taken from their places of employment and held in the local police stations while they were interrogated for hours about fictitious incidents which had supposedly occurred  twenty years previously and their accusers were now grown adults encouraged by proffered financial rewards to create accusations of abuse. Some of these unfortunate workers within the child care system were found guilty in Courts and were sentenced to long jail terms solely on the basis of the verbal evidence of the allegations of their accusers of fictitious events twenty years before – with no physical or forensic evidence to support their accusations and who had made no complaint of these alleged events in those twenty years.

Yet what is the true situation of child abuse in the U.K. and England in particular?.  According to government statistics there are approximately 500,000 reports of child abuse every year in England and the zealots claim that this is “Only the tip of the iceberg of child abuse”.  However less than 35,000 of such reports are found to have any form of substance to them when investigated by child protection workers whose claims of abuse having occurred in these small proportion of cases are of a very low standard of evidential proof !. And only a very small proportion of these ever reach the Courts to meet an evidential standard of proof of “On a balance of probability” which is based on a presumption of “more likely than not’ that abuse has occurred i.e. it only needs to be 51% proven to a Judge with no jury present.

To arrive at a Court the parents will have endured months of questioning – by social workers, and probably also by doctors, nurses, police etc and most likely will have to face the unjudicial Inquisition of a Child Protection Conference without legal representation and without formal legal protections. Yet it is extremely rare that they will ultimately be accused of anything so they are denied their day in Court. All that will happen is that their children will be removed from them by Court Order without naming the alleged abusers but by default they will be branded as the child abusers without a chance to defend themselves or clear their names. Even terrorists who threaten to bomb and maim innocent citizens are released from interrogation after a set number of days or are given a fair trial and competent legal representation to defend themselves.

This also proves that it is the small number of false accusations of child abuse which reach public notice which are the tip of an iceberg of such false accusations and that claims of widespread child abuse are a fiction perpetuated to obtain increased resources for those agencies engaged in child protection work.

And what of the many hundreds of parents in the vast majority of reported cases of child abuse where it has been found that such reports are false and have been made for mistaken, mischievous, or malicious reasons?. They are left completely devastated and in many instances their lives are destroyed and the mere fact that they have been suspects will follow them for the rest of their lives – at schools, doctor’s surgeries, and even at workplaces, not to mention among their neighbours and relatives who mistakenly have the simple belief that, “Well there’s no smoke without fire”. Yet there has been no fire and all there has been is smoke and mirrors. Such an experience affects parents very deeply especially where only one has been accused of the abuse – even the other partner is left with unanswered suspicions and this gnaws away at their relationship until they finally separate leaving the children with only one parent and the continuing fear that they may be removed from their beds by mysterious and compassionless adults in the middle of the night.

Living with constant terror is extremely disabling and it can be extremely difficult to continue to live normally – merely going to the shops becomes a chore when there are stares and whispers behind hands. For those with strong religious beliefs they can be banished from their churches with no compassion or support shown by those who profess the same religion. The established churches have no compassion for anyone accused of child abuse – even if such allegations of child abuse were proven, wouldn’t the principles of such churches lead them to give some support and compassion for the transgressors and to help them redeem themselves?

The zealots have their own religion. It is based in the unproven and unscientific theories of psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and social researchers and which are based at best on anecdotal stories and at worst on junk science and many of which have been proven by authentic research to be fraudulent. Yet these theories become the basis of the belief system of the child protection world.  They hold regular conferences to re-assure themselves and each other and new converts that such theories are valid and to  press their beliefs regularly through training courses and other conferences. Such theories include Satanic Ritual Abuse, Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Repressed Memory Syndrome etc etc. All serve to confuse and confound the uninitiated in Courts and other venues. When the theories are exposed as fraudulent then the titles are merely changed and claims are made that the new theory is different but with the same definition.

These theories have been rampant in child protection work for over three decades largely promoted by the social work training institutions but there is some slight hope for the future as some Courts are beginning to rule that such theories are inadmissible as evidence and are no substitute for facts on which Courts should have been making decisions.

But the real masterminds of the reign of terror by the child protection system in the UK are the faceless bureaucrats in the Department of Education and Skills who promote and enforce the policies which the child protection workers must follow. Yet when things go wrong, as they oft times do, these bureaucrats sit back in silence knowing they will escape the subsequent fallout but will be quick to mount their own inquiry afterwards and find fault with the front line workers who have failed to carry out their policies.

Is there any hope of bringing this State engendered terrorism to an end?.  Sadly not much!. The present government are implacably engaged in an ideological social engineering experiment based on beliefs that they, and not parents know what is best for children, and if parents don’t comply with their ideas of child care and upbringing, then the children will be removed into substitute care with adopters or foster carers. Further to this end such workers as midwives and health visitors are now to become their espionage agents – prying into people’s lives and reporting them if they do not meet the State’s requirements. This will be extended into schools and other points where the public come into contact with education, health, and welfare services. The information they gather will then be fed into a nationwide database with subjective decisions by these workers that a parent may be alcoholic, engaged in prostitution, have a mental illness, is a drug taker, or has a criminal conviction etc. Any two of these subjective accusations will immediately trigger off a child protection investigation with the accompanying devastating consequences.

Even George Orwell in his worst nightmares could not have envisaged what is happening in Britain today. It only requires a camera in every home linked to the local child protection office and the circle will be complete. Beware of Room 101.

You have been warned Britain!