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[CANCERRESEARCH55, 2783-278 July 1, 1995], GM2-KLH Conjugate Vaccine: Increased Immunogenicity in Melanoma Patients after Administration with Immunological Adjuvant QS-21, Friedheim Helling,2 Shengle Zhang, Ann Shang, Sucharita Adluri, Michele Calves, Rao Koganty, B. Michael Longenecker, Tzy-J. Yao, Herbert F. Oettgen, and Philip 0. Livingston

QS21 sounded like another gem when I read this. "QS-21 induced mild local erythema, induration, and tenderness lasting 24-72h in all patients at the 100-mcg dose. The 200-pg dose of QS-21 was associated with local tenderness and inflammation lasting 2-10days in all patients as well as mild flu-like symptoms, including low grade fever (<38.5C), headache, and myalgia lasting 8-24h after most immunizations. No neurological abnormalities or other side effects were observed." [2009 Aug] The truth about the pandemic flu vaccines by Cynthia A. Janak