Rada commission reports on vaccination death

25 September, 16:21 Ukraine
Parliament calls on Health Ministry officials to explain who is responsible for Anton Tyshchenko's death from measles vaccine.

The Rada's ad hoc investigative commission into the May 12 vaccination death of 17-year old Anton Tyshchenko in Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast delivered its report today. But parliament postponed voting on the report and called on Health Ministry officials to explain who is responsible for Tyshchenko's death. Parliamentarians want to hand the report findings to the General Prosecutor's Office for criminal proceedings.

Tyshchenko died in hospital on May 12 after being vaccinated for measles with a serum developed in India. The commission head Viktor Korzh said that "the vaccine has been stopped for use in India itself and that we have official information that this vaccine is not used in any country of the European Union."

Investigative commission member Tetyana Bakhtayeva said "responsibility lies with the state and with us, peoples' deputies, not with the World Health Organization that gave us this gift worth five million euros. We support continuing the vaccination against measles, but using a serum that has been clinically tested and is used in the entire world that is made in France."