Vaccination - Assault on the Species

by Pat Rattigan ND

Variolea Vaccinae - the Birth of the Fraud
Scarlet Fever and Cholera
Hepatitis B
Dog Vaccination
Blood Poison
The Medical Assault on the Brain
Vaccine Promotion
Hidden Hand
Fundamental Flaws
The Meningitis Vaccine

 [From Truth Campaign Magazine 15]

Variolae Vaccinae – the birth of the fraud

In May 1796, Edward Jenner, acting upon ‘a superstition among the dairymaids of Gloucestershire that a person who had suffered from cowpox would never have smallpox,’ 1 inoculated one James Phillips with lymph from a cowpox vesicle on the hand of a dairymaid: in June he inoculated the boy with smallpox.
‘…it was on the strength of this solitary experiment that Jenner had launched his discovery upon the world, claiming that cowpox was a prophylactic against smallpox, while to give some sort of scientific colour to the claim he labelled cowpox with the name "Variolae Vaccinae" (smallpox of the cow)...the picture of the whole of the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons swallowing the theory of an unqualified country apothecary, based on one totally unreliable experiment, seems scarcely credible.’ 2

However, there was a very good reason for the medics’ rush to embrace the groundless myth and to lavish praise, credit and cash – £30,000 at late 18th century value, i.e. a large fortune – on the enterprising Jenner. Earlier, the Royal College of Physicians had declared, in an attempt to protect their inoculation from foreign criticism: ‘it is now held by the English in greater esteem and practised among them more extensively than ever it was before...the college thinks it to be highly salutary to the human race.’

In 1838, however, after the final straw – another fierce outbreak of smallpox due to inoculation – the authorities had, finally, seen enough; the practice was banned under threat of imprisonment in 1840.

This left the medical deities with severely dented egos and with a valuable source of income curtailed; a situation they were keen to reverse as soon as possible. Jenner's wheeze provided the opportunity.

‘The medical authorities who had solemnly recommended inoculation as beneficial had been compelled to admit that it was spreading smallpox and increasing the number of cases of deaths. Doctors were, therefore, glad to welcome what purported to be a non-infectious process for which so much was claimed...from that time the Government protected vaccination from enquiry and criticism. Failures were not considered and misleading statistics were accepted.’ 3 Nothing changes.

The smallpox vaccine is produced by shaving the bellies of calves and then making long slashes in the skin, into which are rubbed smallpox cultures. Fever sets in and the wounds fester; a scab forms over a reservoir of poison as the increasingly sick, immobilised animal is prevented from licking the wound to try to ease the intense suffering. After six days the calf is bound and strapped to an operating table, the vesicles are clamped and the mixture of skin, flesh, pus, blood and hair is scraped off, mixed, sieved and transferred to containers.

After this potion was injected into the blood of the nation's children the largest UK epidemic of smallpox ever known began: with a peak of 42,000 deaths in 1871-2 alone. The graph line of smallpox deaths, which would probably have disappeared around 1870, was still there in the 1920s as isolation eventually defeated the medically-created plague.

After the vaccine-induced fiasco, Leicester rejected vaccination and decided to rely on hygiene and sanitation. In 1892-3 Leicester had 19.3 cases of smallpox per 10,000 population; Warrington – 99.2 vaccinated – had 123.3 cases. The Warrington death-rate was over 8 times higher than Leicester. (Wallace: The Wonderful Century , 1898) Dewsbury also rejected vaccination and, with Leicester had the lowest death-rates in the country.

‘I remember Sheffield and its epidemic in 1887-8. No less than 98 per cent of the population had been vaccinated...the public vaccinators had reaped a richer harvest of bonuses for "successful vaccination" than those of any other town and yet they had 7,000 cases of smallpox. It originated and clung to an insanitary area of 175 acres of cesspits...called The Croft.

The medical profession helplessly called "vaccinate" and "re-vaccinate" – as if the public had not already had enough. At last the flood-gates of heaven were mercifully opened and the bountiful rains accomplished what 56,000 vaccinations had failed to effect...

I call to mind the case of one adult male I interviewed...He was vaccinated in infancy, had smallpox when eight years old and was subsequently re-vaccinated three times. That man died of smallpox...when the official report was published...owing to his having the eruption so badly as to cover his vaccination marks, he was actually declared to be "unvaccinated".’ 4

In 1903 the USA seized the Philippines and set up a military dictatorship. ‘The first thing the US regime did was to enforce a country-wide vaccination drive. The Filipinos had been a healthy people living their simple, happy life out in the tropical woodlands with pure air, clean water, natural foods...Smallpox was almost unknown...

‘They did not want the shots, but they were rounded up...and herded into the vaccination centres for the shots of poison...the first large epidemic was in 1905...a continuous 1923 when General Wood started suppressing reports to make it appear that he had conquered smallpox and 'ended the scourge'...

‘In the remote islands...the Filipinos had a better chance to the cities the epidemics reached the point of a major disaster.’ 5

After 15 years of intensive vaccination there were 47,000 cases and 16,000 deaths in 1918 alone.6 Smallpox was not the only effect of the vaccine campaign: ‘…in 1918-20...Malaria took 93,000, influenza 91,000, tuberculosis 80,000...dysentery, cholera and typhus together...70,000.’ 48

As an added bonus: ‘there was not one leper in the whole of the Hawaiian Islands before the noble work of Jenner reached them. By the nineties, 10 percent of the natives were lepers.’ 48

To test the effectiveness of natural immunity versus vaccination, the non-vaccinated staff of the naturopathic Kingston Clinic in Edinburgh challenged six doctors to join them in a smallpox isolation unit.

The medics had the very good sense not to take up the offer.7  

The vaccine-promoters have no problem with this graph.
The ‘graph says nothing except that there was a smallpox epidemic in 1870/71.’ Dr W F Bynum of the Wellcome Institute for the (Wellcome version of the) History of Medicine. Smallpox cases ‘that did occur were almost always in unvaccinated persons.’ Fenner et al ‘Smallpox and its Eradication’ 1988.


The first measles vaccine was licensed in 1963. The fact that the death-rate was off the graph and that there was no conceivable reason, other than commercial, for the vaccine's existence, made no difference to the vaccine's promotion by the makers, doctors, media etc.  

‘The measles vaccine is a fairly recent innovation of the commercialised blood-poisoning business called vaccination...It was not that it was needed or wanted by the people; it wasn't: nor that measles is a dangerous disease; it isn't: and it was not that the vaccine-promoters had a safe and effective vaccine; they didn't...It was merely that they saw another opportunity to force a different vaccination scheme on the people...The vaccine promoters know the parents...will believe almost anything.’ 5

In a 1986 outbreak of measles, in Corpus Christi, Texas, 99 percent of the children had been vaccinated. 8

In Nov. 1994 the government launched a £3.5 million ‘measles kills’ advertising campaign. Outrageous television advertisements, in suitably-stark black and white, were designed to terrify parents into having their offspring jabbed to prevent the coming epidemic of ‘life-threatening measles’. The adverts. provoked 40 complaints to the ‘Independent Television Commission’, which duly dismissed them.

Over 7 million children were jabbed in the enterprise, which provoked an investigation by the Bulletin of Medical Ethics:

‘ is now possible to draw some interim conclusions...there was never going to be an epidemic in 1995...there was no justification for concomitant rubella immunisations...the government knowingly misled parents about the relative risks of measles and measles immunisation...the Dept. of Health broke the European Union's laws on contracts and tendering to ensure that specific pharmaceutical companies were awarded the contract...

The NHS Supplies Authority negotiated with...Merieux UK and SmithKline Beecham. This must have been extremely fortunate for them since the supplies of measles and rubella vaccine which they had been left with in 1992...were soon to go out of is surprising that companies already supplying MMR were not invited to tender...

Virginia Bottomley hoped to make political capital from the campaign. Her fortunes were already at a low ebb in 1994. To recognise a threat to the Nation's children and to take decisive action could only enhance her standing...the DoH has put out numerous Press releases stating what a good example it was of how this government looks after the health of the Nation.

Of the government doctors involved one can say little...many questions may only be answered by an independent inquiry...the campaign's protagonists misled millions of parents into allowing needles to be stuck into their children for purposes other than those given in public.’ 9

‘Thousands "at risk" as doctors claim link with deadly well as the vaccine being linked to Crohn's may be associated with autism...Public health officials... have been aware of the research linking the vaccine with Crohn's Disease for four years... if the findings of the alarming new research are confirmed the re-vaccination programme could also add the names of thousands of children to what some doctors believe is an already looming medical disaster...

Crohn's a terribly debilitating condition in which the lining of the bowel is destroyed. Sufferers almost invariably require major surgery...’ 10

The research is being done by Dr Andrew Wakefield of the London Royal Free Hospital. He believes that live measles vaccine can cause an immune reaction in the gut, provoking illness up to 20 or more years later: ‘If it is true...there is no health service in the world which will be able to cope in the year 2020 if we do not prepare now.’

After the Nov. ‘94 scam Dr Wakefield urged the government to set up a side-effect monitoring campaign. ‘This wasn't done. One insider said last night: "They told him later they didn't believe him and anyway it wouldn't have made any difference to their plans."’ 10

Other known and suspected effects of the measles vaccine include:

Also, the vaccine programme has caused the peak incidence of measles to occur in adolescents, adults and infants rather than children of primary school age. The risk of pneumonia and liver abnormalities is greater in the older groups.

‘Before the vaccine was introduced, it was extremely rare for an infant to contract measles. However, by 1993 more than twenty five percent of all measles cases were occurring in babies under a year of age.

CDC officials admit this situation is likely to get worse and attribute it to the numbers of mothers who were vaccinated... when natural immunity is denied, measles protection cannot be passed on their babies.’ 11


Mumps is a mild disorder which, as a rule, lasts, at most, 10 days. Contraction of mumps usually brings life-long immunity to the disease – the vaccine does not. Children who are vaccinated and then later develop mumps in adolescence or adulthood, as some do, are much more likely to suffer severe effects including orchitis, a testicular condition. The Lancet reported that West German authorities had listed twenty seven neurological reactions to the vaccine. Effects include:  


Rubella is a harmless malaise, about as serious as the common cold, except when contracted by a woman in the earlier stages of pregnancy, when it can lead to foetal defects. Before the vaccine was introduced the large majority of the population had natural immunity. The vaccine denied the women the chance of this and increased the risk of developing rubella during pregnancy.  

In the British Medical Journal, Nov. 16 1987, a report noted thirty two women who, when pregnant, contracted rubella; all the women had been vaccinated or screened and found to be ‘immune’. Nineteen chose to have their babies; one child was born with a defect.

Hilary Butler, of the Immunisation Awareness Society, commented: ‘The reality is that most babies survive rubella "defect-free".’

Trials on the vaccine in the USA have shown a failure rate of ninety three percent. 14 Dr Beverly Allan of the Austin Hospital, Melbourne noted a failure rate of army recruits of eighty percent.15

If there has been an inadequate immune-response to the vaccine, as often happens, according to the Journal of Infant Diseases16 there is a pronounced danger that the person will become a rubella carrier and may develop arthritis and an enlarged thyroid.

‘In some hospitals all employees, except physicians, are required to receive the rubella vaccine. This may be because doctors are the least likely of all hospital personnel to submit to these shots’.13 According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, ninety percent of the obstetricians and around seventy percent of paediatricians refused the vaccine due to fear of ‘unforeseen vaccine reactions’.


Declined without vaccination

Scarlet Fever

Declined without vaccination


‘Certain vaccines, such as that given for cholera, are known to be of no value...’ GP magazine July 1991 – after countless shots had been sold.


According to Dr J Seal, of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: ‘any and all flu vaccines are capable of causing Guillane-Barre.’ In 1976 over 500 people in the US were paralysed by the disease, with thirty dying, after being injected with the vaccine, which is concocted from material taken from influenza victims and then cultivated on mashed chick embryos.

The Post Office dropped its influenza vaccine programme after it showed no improvement in absenteeism. Six hundred elderly vaccinated people in Birmingham showed over double the respiratory disease than a non-vaccinated group. 18 Three people, including a 26-year-old man, died in Chesterfield within 48 hours of being jabbed. 19


In the thirties, due to the number of cases of diphtheria occurring in vaccinated individuals, it was necessary to introduce the practice of re-diagnosis. Trouble-makers, like the Medical Officer for Wath-On-Dearne, did not help, with comments like: ‘Where they have done the most immunising they are getting the most diphtheria.’ 20  

In 1927, the Ministry of Health, came up with the idea of using the ‘guinea pig test’ to lessen the embarrassment: patients with obvious diphtheria had to be shown to be harbouring, in the nose or throat, diphtheria bacilli strong enough to kill a guinea-pig.

As up to forty percent of diphtheria patients have none of this bacterium and as the rest may well not have sufficiently powerful bugs to kill a guinea-pig and as the guinea-pig test is totally unreliable, the wheeze had the very welcome effect of the re-diagnosing of vaccinated diphtheria victims as ‘tonsillitis’ or ‘sore throat’.

Another helping hand was provided by the Schick Test: a diphtheria test developed by the enterprising Bela Schick and then banned in Schick's native Austria due to parents whining that it had killed their offspring. Having had his test banned in Europe, he:

‘...brought it to America where he knew the unscrupulous medical and drug trusts dominate the healing field. A lush harvest was promised and the customary pressure technique was turned on and the exploitable public was again used and abused...The Schick Test and diphtheria antitoxin continue to take their toll of lives while our elected officials and public protectors (?) look the other way.’ 21

Having had the dangerous, totally fraudulent and frequently-lethal test laundered by the US drug boys, Schick was able to import it back to the welcoming re-diagnosers in Europe, where, allied to the guinea-pig test it did sterling work for the cause. In Birmingham seventy percent of cases were re-diagnosed. ‘Out of 441 sent in as diphtheria in 1933, 285 were finally diagnosed as tonsillitis.’ 22

Dr J H Parish, of the vaccine-makers, Wellcome Research Laboratories, suggested that ‘apparent’ diphtheria should be known as ‘Tonsillitis in Schick-negative carriers.’ 23 To counter the problem of the diphtheria antitoxin being lethal, the re-diagnosers were again engaged; this time to come up with a revised version of the diphtheria child-death-rate graph.


Prior to the introduction of antitoxin in 1895, diphtheria diagnosis was on clinical symptoms alone: i.e. those who had died of diphtheria were recorded as having died of diphtheria. As of 1895, the diagnosis was based on throat swabs. As so many diphtheria victims did not exhibit the required bacteria, they were adjudged to have died of something else and the graph shows a clear reduction in deaths from diphtheria after the introduction of antitoxin in 1895. As an extra boost to the diphtheria industry, healthy people sometimes exhibited diphtheria bacteria in their nose/throat; these people had, of course, ‘survived diphtheria’ due to the efforts of the dedicated doctors. ‘As a result of this change of view, cases of mild sore throat are now classes as diphtheria – cases which would, in any case, recover, whatever the treatment; and the fatality of diphtheria will be reduced accordingly.’ 24

Germany began compulsory diphtheria vaccination in 1939. When the vaccine saturation was complete there were 150,000 cases of the disease.25 French resistance to the vaccine was ended by the German occupation, leading to 47,000 cases of the illness.21 Norway refused the vaccine and had 50 cases. 25


Sweden stopped whooping cough vaccine in 1979. Germany stopped routine use of the vaccine in 1982: the declines of the diseases continued. This vaccine is, arguably, the most dangerous of the current routine jabs, being a whole cell vaccine and, largely unpurified or refined. It has probably done more damage, per shot, than any other, with the obvious exception of the smallpox vaccine.

Pertussis vaccine promoters often claim that when uptake levels fall, the disease increases. This happened in the USA after a TV documentary slipped through the censor's net and the punters found out some of the reality on the shot. Vaccination levels fell and the predictable outcome was that the authorities announced an increase of the disease.

Dr A J Morris analysed 41 of the cases and found that 5 had real whooping cough and these had all been ‘immunised’. A further study, in Wisconsin, on 43 claimed cases, showed that 16 were real and all these had received the vaccine.26 Professor Gordon Stewart, W.H.O. adviser, said in 1980, on the vaccine: ‘There is no doubt in my mind that, in the UK alone, some hundreds if not thousands of well infants have suffered irreparable brain damage needlessly, and that their lives and those of their parents have been wrecked.’

In 1984, of all cases in the US in children of 7 months to 6 years, 46 percent had been vaccinated.13 In Kansas, in 1986, 1,300 cases were reported. Of those whose vaccine status was known, 90 percent were ‘adequately vaccinated’. 27

U.K. vaccination levels fell to 32 percent in 1978 due to the pushers being no longer able to hide the cases of brain damage. An epidemic in 1978/79 was, naturally, claimed to be due to the reduced vaccine uptake. What they did not disclose was that the epidemic affected those in all of the relevant age spectrum and those who had been vaccinated. 28

‘My name is Donna Gary. I am a constituent of Senator Edward Kennedy's from Massachusetts. Our family should have celebrated our very first grand daughter's first birthday last month... Lee Ann was just eight weeks old when her mother took her... for her...first DPT inoculation...this lovable, extremely alert baby had never produced such a blood-curdling scream as she did at the moment the shot was given... four hours later, Lee Ann was dead. 'Crib death' the doctor said 'SIDS'.

‘Could it be connected to the shot?’ her parents implored.


‘But she just had her first DPT shot.’

‘No, no connection at all,’ said the emergency room doctor, definitely.’ 29

‘My name is Janet Ciotoli. I am a New York State mother...Our second son, Richie, received his first DPT vaccination at two months of age. Within hours Richie displayed similar symptoms as our first child – a red hot swollen leg, diarrhoea and cat-like screaming...I didn't get my usual baby smiles that day...his hands were so cold...that evening I called the doctor...Richie died in my arms...My husband and our five year old son watched paralysed as I tried desperately to give life back to our baby...

My husband and I were led behind a drawn curtain...There our Richie lay on a stretcher, cold and lifeless...

Our scream of pain and grief will forever ring in my ears.’ 29

In the Northern Territories of Australia, according to Drs A Kalokerinos and G Dettman, vaccination was killing one in two Aboriginal children. In a two year period without vaccination the death rate was nil.

‘One of the easiest ways to prevent cot-death is to prevent multi-factual insults to the body; by not vaccinating.’

Dr Dettman

Dr Viera Scheibner PhD, arguably the most experienced vaccine researcher in the world, stated:

‘…vaccination is the single most prevalent and preventable cause of infant deaths.’

Japan virtually eliminated cot-death by dropping the whooping cough vaccine for babies.


During World War II there were 12 recorded cases of tetanus, of which, 4 were vaccinated. 30  

Persons wishing to contract tetanus, or to endow their offspring with it, should first collect samples from the soil, dustbins, sewers etc.: this should then be sent for analysis to determine the presence of tetanus spores. When the confirmed spores are returned, a deep gash should be made in the arm into which the spores should be placed, the skin pinched to trap the spores and the arm bandaged to exclude the air. Persons not immune to tetanus should then contract the disease.

As the above practice is widespread, it is understandable why every child and every hospital case involving broken skin needs to be jabbed routinely with a vaccine whose side effects include seizures, high fever, Guillane-Barre Syndrome, fatal anaphylactic shock, neurological damage...,31 abscess, inner ear damage, myelin damage… 32


Even during an epidemic, the wild polio virus produces no discernible symptoms in over 90 percent of those exposed to it. 33 This, of course, has not stopped the vaccine boys et al propagating the myth that whole populations are in grave danger of paralysis if they are not ‘protected’.  

‘The number of reported cases of polio following mass inoculations with the killed live virus vaccine was significantly greater than before mass inoculations and may have doubled in the US…’ 13

In the late 1940s it was noticed that diphtheria vaccination was leading to paralytic polio. A government inquiry found that over one third of cases of paralytic polio in children under the age of two occurred within three months of diphtheria vaccination. 34

‘Millions of people have been inoculated with the anti-polio vaccine contaminated with the tumoral virus SV 40, which in origin was present in the monkeys.’ Prof J Clausen, Institute of Preventative Medicine, Odense, Denmark. Up to 500 million people may have received the vaccine which was cultivated on the kidneys of the green monkey. 45

Dr F Klinner commented: ‘Many here voice a silent view that the Salk and Sabin vaccines, being made of monkey tissue, have been directly responsible for the major increase of leukaemia in this country.’

In the Lancet a report stated ‘Outbreak of paralytic poliomyelitis in Oman...among fully vaccinated children.’ 35

Whilst the sane mind might expect that the vaccine might be declared harmful or, at least, useless, and withdrawn, the vaccine combine had a better idea. What was really needed was more vaccination. Recommendations were to increase the dose at birth and at 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age with additional doses when other vaccines were given.

According to the US Centres for Disease Control, Feb 1992: ‘from 1980 thru 1989, every case of polio in the US (excluding imported cases) was caused by the vaccine.’

Being near to a polio-vaccinated baby can be a major risk. An English professor at Cornell University, Bernard Reis, was paralysed by polio a month after the vaccination of his child. Kay McNeary was awarded $1.1 million after being crippled by polio after changing her baby's nappy.


‘The world's biggest trial (conducted in Southern India) to assess the value of the BCG tuberculosis vaccine has made the startling revelation that the vaccine 'does not give any protection against the bacillary forms of tuberculosis'.’

New Scientist Nov 1979.

There was worse to come.

The ‘exhaustive and meticulous’ study, involving 260,000 people, found more TB in the vaccinated group than in the non-vaccinated.

After this, scientifically-valid vaccine trials were abandoned.

Holland had the lowest death-rate from TB in Europe due to the fact that it rejected the TB vaccine. The French government forced, by law, the vaccine onto all French children: Prof. Mercie, of the Pasteur Institute, who produced and sold the useless shots, explained ‘It helps finance the Institute's research.’

TB is now making a widespread comeback, particularly in intensively-vaccinated tropical countries.

Hepatitis B

In 1988 New Zealand announced ‘the most extensive national immunization programme against hepatitis B in the world.’ In seven districts of NZ all the babies were to be jabbed; as were the offspring of selected mothers who had Hep B, in the rest of the country.

Within three months all the area co-ordinators of the stunt were informed that the side-effect reports were piling up: asthma, arthritis, Guillane-Barre Syndrome, loss of consciousness, lowered blood pressure, jaundice... Another effect of the shot was to make the other vaccines – DPT, polio – even more dangerous.

Breaking with the time-honoured vaccinators’ tradition of carry-on-regardless-whatever-the-mayhem, New Zealand decided to cut its losses and suddenly dropped the programme. 36 According to Dr Robert Mendelson, two thirds of doctors eligible for the Hep B jab reject it. 37 Between 1990 and 1994 the US body monitoring the vaccines reported 12.000 ‘adverse events’ including death. 38


The ‘search for a vaccine and cure for AIDS’ has become a multi-billion dollar, multi-national enterprise. The obscene scam has two distinct facets – both invented. One is that AIDS is a single disease and the other is that it is ‘caused’ by the H.I. virus (or the ‘HIV virus’ as some like to call it – perhaps they think the V stands for volcano). These two total fabrications have created an empire of animal-and human-torturing fraud of impressive proportions.

In Japan, AIDS is virtually unknown; yet, in random tests, 25% of people were found to be ‘HIV-positive’; a virtually meaningless label which can be produced by a response to a vaccination, malnutrition, MS, measles, influenza, papilloma virus wart, Epstein Barr virus, leprosy, hepatitis b and c, syphillis, glandular fever...over sixty conditions.

The ‘HIV causes AIDS’ hoax was created by Robert Gallo, who was found guilty of ‘scientific misconduct’.

‘...instead of trying to prove his insane theories about AIDS to his peers...he went public. Then, with the help of Margaret Heckler, former head of health and human services, who was under great political pressure to come up with an answer to AIDS, the infamous world press announcement of the discovery of the so-called AIDS virus came about. This great fraud is now responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands...It was no accident that Gallo just happened to patent the test for HIV the day after the announcement...

Gallo is now a multi-millionaire because of AIDS and his fraudulent AIDS test.’

Dr Robert Willner

Wilner injected himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, a HIV-positive haemophiliac, on live Spanish TV; an event which made the front pages of the Spanish national press but did not arouse any interest in the USA or the UK.

‘HIV... is one thousandth the size of a regular cell...HIV is simply a harmless piece of dead tissue, not unlike the numerous other retroviruses that exist in our body.’ –Willner.

By grouping together 25-plus different diseases and other allied factors – tuberculosis, pneumonia, candidiasis, herpes, salmonella, various cancers, infections, vaccine/antibiotic damage, amyl nitrate damage etc. – and calling the whole thing an ‘AIDS epidemic’, a multi-billion dollar/pound/yen ‘AIDS research’ and ‘treatment’ racket has been created.

At the same time, a large group of homosexuals, blacks, drug-users, Hispanics, the homeless and the rest of the undesirables have been easy prey for the social-cullers and the drug boys, particularly Wellcome who make the immune-system wrecking amyl nitrate poppers and also the lethal AZT, which is used on the ‘HIV-positive’ victims of the nitrates!

AZT began as a cancer drug but was withdrawn for being too toxic – like being thrown out of the Gestapo for cruelty. ‘Side’ effects include cancer, hepatitis, dementia, seizures, anxiety, leukopaenia, severe nausea, impotence, ataxia, insomnia and DNA-synthesis termination. i.e. AIDS/death by prescription. AZT eventually kills all who continue to take it.

None of which stops the medical trade from pushing it on every trusting sap who is not ill to start with but finds him/herself labelled with the ‘HIV-positive’ nonsense and is then destroyed by AZT, with AIDS getting the blame and more millions pouring in for the drug boys, vivisectors, animal breeders and their on-the-payroll media pals.

The triple combination of the ‘HIV-positive’ diagnosis, the prognosis – stated or implied – ‘You will die of AIDS’ and ‘treatment’ with the deadly AZT is one of the great pieces of Medical Black Magic – Voodoo Medicine at its most impressive.

500 of the world's leading scientists are now disputing the HIV/AIDS hoax. Their efforts continually suppressed by the medical establishment, the pharma/vivisection syndicate, the BBC and the rest.

‘As applied, the HIV useless as a medical hypothesis.’

Dr Kary Mullis Nobel Prize 1993.

‘The sentences of death accompanying the medical diagnosis of AIDS should be abolished.’

Dr Alfred Hassig.

‘I have seen the constant terror and the programming to get sick and die.’

Michael Ellner – medical hypnotist.

‘I am well convinced HIV is harmless.’

Dr Fabio Franchi.

‘The AIDS epidemic was a mirage.’

Prof Hiram Caton.


How we boosted earnings by £2,000

‘While we offer children immunisations we also offer parents tetanus and polio boosters’

Dr Brendan O’Colmain

ORGANISERS of a flu awareness week admitted yesterday it was a stunt to sell more vaccine.
A dramatic leap in income from one quarter to the next proved the result when GPs in one Cheshire practice set up an immunisation clinic.
The leap in earnings is down to a new immunisation clinic and call-up system.
The immunisation programme starts at birth. As soon as the practice receives notification of the birth from the local hospital, it send out a ‘congratulations’ letter to the mother, also inviting her to bring the baby’s registration card to the surgery.
79 percent of its 10 to 14 year old girls, for example, have been vaccinated against rubella.

‘We should be able to get 100 per cent for rubella. We intend to contact people who don’t turn up and find out the reason whether they have done it elsewhere or whether they just haven’t bothered. Certain areas within Warrington can be difficult and we can get the health visitor to go round and follow up.’

Mother’s Battle Over Vaccine Cover-Up

How my healthy, laughing child was turned into a physical wreck

Measles jabs in suspected autism cases

Measles jab and mystery disorder

CHILDREN who have been vaccinated against measles are three times more at risk of developing serious bowel disease in later life, a study suggests.

‘Amy’s symptoms started almost as soon as the injection began to go into her system.’

Flu jab victim took four years to die

AIDS epidemic ‘triggered by smallpox vaccine’

Tragic jab boy’s fight to survive.

Have a jab or you’re out, GP tells youngsters

A doctor has threatened to remove eight children from his list of patients because their parents refuse to have them vaccinated.

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Parents want action on vaccines

The hidden dangers of vaccines

Most DPT Lawsuit Settlements Kept Secret

Vaccine victim wins judgement

NVIC finds doctors are refusing to report vaccine reactions

Live virus and genetic mutation

City couple awarded $4.5m in DPT case

Dog Vaccination

‘I have been breeding for 47 years and showing for 37 years. You could not give me a dog if I knew it had been inoculated.’ 40

Whilst the UK human cancer death rate has long been out of control, the dog cancer rate is, per head of population, fifty times greater: over a million dogs, per year, die of cancer – or the treatment.

Interim figures from the Canine Health Census 41 showed that, of those dogs whose owners had reported cancer amongst their animals, 31 percent occurred within three months of vaccination. Of those with a cancerous tumour or other growth at the vaccination site, 67 percent were within three months. Other three month vaccine/disease correlations included:

‘...overall, 55% of all illnesses reported by participants, occurred within the first three months of vaccination. If the vaccine had no bearing on the illness, you would expect to see no more than 25%... 41.75% of all illnesses start within 30 days after vaccination...if vaccination had no would expect only 8.2%... 24.56% of illness occurred within seven days, when statistically it should only be 1.92%...’ 42

Where dogs contracted the disease they were supposed to be vaccinated against, the three month figures are:

‘This supports the view that either vaccines don't protect or can cause the disease itself.’ 42
‘Routine vaccination is probably the worst thing we do to our animals. They cause all types of illnesses.’

Christina Chambreau DVM

‘Acute "diseases" are discharges of toxins and energies...preventing these discharges, vaccines result in chronic disorders.’

Russell Swift DVM

‘...introducing foreign material via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection is extremely upsetting...In response to this violation there has been increased auto-immune disease, epilepsy, neoplasia, behavioural problems.’

Mike Kohn DVM

Blood Poison

Until stocks ran out, the Hep B shot was derived from the blood of homosexual men infected with Hep B; the typhoid vaccine derives from human excrement; the whooping cough vaccine is from the mucus of infected children. Until it was quietly changed to pig gelatin, the MMR used cow material. It is not known how many millions of children were injected with gelatin from BSE-infected cattle.

Vaccines injected directly into the blood stream are not subject to the body's total, protective immune response; they by-pass most of the system, which begins at the mouth, nose and skin. The animal-derived proteins and viruses, carcinogenic chemicals, toxic metals etc. directly affect the blood, cells, tissues and major bodily organs.

‘...alien viruses, injected into the body, fuse with healthy cells and continue to replicate along with those cells… the immune system...can no longer differentiate...foreign proteins...injected directly into the bloodstream...are able to change our genetic structure... viral vaccines...contain pure genetic material...from a foreign organism...the new genetic material is incorporated into the invaded cells.’ 13
All vaccinated individuals are vaccine-damaged. It would not be possible to carry out such a procedure without some degree of mutation. It is simply a question of time, location and degree.
‘Some of the health hazards from vaccination include cancer, leukaemia, multiple sclerosis, autism, lupus, mental retardation, blindness, asthma, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, encephalitis, paralysis, tuberculosis, cot- death, liver, kidney and heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, meningitis, glue- ear. learning difficulties…’ Sue Marston author of The Vaccination Connection which took ten years of intensive research.

One of the vaccine disinformation leaflets, which the UK vaccine lobby’s bureaucratic wing ‘The Health Education Authority’, issued was titled:- ‘GIVE YOUR CHILD SOMETHING YOU NEVER HAD’!!

According to the latest survey of Mortality Statistics from General Practice, in the ten years to 1992, childhood cancer almost tripled, serious illness in children increased by an average of 85%. The asthma plague-like cot-death, due to vaccine-induced damage of the vagus nerve – is rampant. Diabetes in under-5-year-olds, is increasing at a rate of over ten percent per year over the past ten years, corresponding to the introduction of the MMR vaccines. 43

Over 250,000 7-15 year-olds suffer from migraine and almost a quarter of children are suffering some form of mental illness – Observer 19.9.93.

Doctors are understandably reluctant to admit that their vaccines are responsible for a child's disease. A diagnosis of the cause as ‘genetic’, ‘congenital’ or ‘mystery’ is much more comforting.

‘...when the baby is nine months or a year old, the parents at length realise that he cannot see, hear or speak or is mentally retarded. Since no other cause...can be determined, the physician decides that it was present at birth. But by this time the baby will have received three DPT shots...capable of causing blindness, deafness, loss of speech, epilepsy, and mental retardation…’ 44

Arguably, the mechanism by which most vaccine damage occurs, is the destruction of the myelin basic protein around the nerves, and the subsequent encephalitis and many other effects.

‘Almost any...vaccination can lead to a non-infectious inflammatory reaction involving the nervous system...The common denominator consists of a vasculopathy that is often...associated with demyelination.’ – Charles M Poser Neurologist. ‘...when the...vaccination programmes inject harmful toxins into... children, the myelination process is interrupted...and minimal brain damage occurs.’ 45

The Medical Assault on the Brain

The myriad of chronic conditions – physical and mental – with which the surviving victims of the smallpox vaccine campaign were left, formed the foundation of the huge explosion of national ill-health which followed. Genetic mutations are handed down to successive generations – and are compounded immeasurably with every new vaccine.
‘In regions where there is no organised vaccination of the population, general paralysis is rare. It is impossible to deny a connection between vaccination and the encephalitis which follows it.’

Journal of the American Medical Association, July 3 1926.

‘Cases of cerebral symptoms, suggesting encephalitis, following vaccination have been reported from Holland, Czechoslovakia and Germany. From Switzerland there have been reported cases of meningitis.’

New York State Journal of Medicine, May 15 1926.

According to Dr H L Coulter PhD, 44 the primary cause of encephalitis is vaccination.

The connection of encephalitis with innumerable conditions – autism, enuresis, insomnia, severe headaches, paraplegia, stuttering, diarrhoea, night terrors etc. etc. – was not generally publicised even amongst scientific circles until 1982, when Geschwind and Behan published their findings linking several facets of the post-encephalitic syndrome.

‘Their article caused a bit of a sensation in scientific circles because of the basic inability of the professions to imagine what the connecting thread...could be. We now know that vaccinations are the connecting thread, but for physicians and professionals to openly admit that would mean the loss of their professional licence and livelihood which would, of course, serve them right...It must be strange to be trapped in that vicious circle of professional deceit.’ 45

In the early 1940s a new mental syndrome, which Leo Kanner called autism, was noted. It appeared in the wake of the US pertussis vaccine schemes. After the war the US occupied Japan and forcibly vaccinated the children: their first case of autism was diagnosed in 1945. In England the shot was subject to large scale promotion in the late fifties: a society for autistic children was founded in 1962. 44 In the USA, at first, the malady was noticed in higher income families.

This was before the free or forced pertussis vaccine programmes; only the better-off parents could afford the ‘latest medical advance’. Later, ‘...parents from across the socio-economic spectrum gained equal access... Thus, autistic children were now being discovered within every kind of family and in dreadfully greater numbers than ever before imagined.’ 44

According to Coulter: ‘A large proportion of the millions of US children suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia and other shoots and branches of the hydra-headed entity called developmental difficulties, owe their disorders to one or other of the vaccines.’ Coulter also lays the blame for the huge increase in criminal behaviour squarely at the feet of the vaccinators: ‘A large body of research has been done on the neurological status of persons involved in violent crime. They seem to have a very high incidence of typical post-encephalitic sequelae...We have produced a generation of neurological defectives. The effects of vaccination have altered the very tone and atmosphere of society.’

As UK vaccination levels reach US heights, the same phenomena are increasingly evident here. According to Coulter, these children are alienated, paranoid, have severe ego weakness or low esteem, are anxious, depressed, frustrated, are precociously sexual, have increased tendency towards alcohol and drug dependency...etc.

The ever-increasing violence within schoolchildren, the level of ‘special needs’, the growing permanent exclusions from school, the fascination with fire – leading to ever-more arson attacks – are inevitable.

As post-vaccinal encephalitis can affect any area of the nervous system, any disease condition may be created – ‘...every possible physical, intellectual and personality deviation, and combinations of them are possible,’ 13 including, of course, the creation of deviants who, although of primary school age, can torment and kill an infant.

On an international scale: ‘Rwanda was the site of the mass murder and genocide perpetrated by the mentally-aberrant Tutsi's on the Hutu tribe...250,000 people hacked to death and dismembered in 1994. Could the aggression have been created by generations of virus-laden experimental vaccines producing post-encephalitic problems?’ 45

In the wake of the Dunblane and Port Arthur massacres, television discussions on the mental states of the perpetrators, contained comments on the condition, Asperger's Syndrome – a variant of autism. All cases of autism are caused by vaccinosis.

Vaccine Promotion

If Doctor, aided and abetted by Nurse, the receptionist, the surgery cleaner, the ‘health-visitor’ etc. can cajole, threaten, intimidate and bully 90 percent of the parents of the under-2-year-olds on Doctor's list into having their offspring permanently damaged, Doctor receives – on top of everything else – an extra £2,235. This scheme was brought in by the Conservative government on All Fools Day 1990. The payments were increased to put considerable pressure on the GPs to meet vaccine targets.

As there never was an atom of evidence as to the safety or effectiveness of any vaccine, that government’s obsession might be explained by a desire to maximise the profits of its very good friends in the petro-pharmaceutical industry – both from the vaccine sales and the ‘medication’ to treat the huge fall-out of vaccine damage and then more ‘medication’ for the side-effects of the previous lot and so on.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has always played a central role in the promotion of vaccination and the suppression of all information detrimental to the vaccine industry.

In 1926, Dr W.R.Hadwen wrote: ‘Ever since the BBC has been controlled by government authorities, all questions approaching a medical nature have been submitted to the Ministry of Health and anything which runs counter to the prevailing fashion...has been promptly rejected...Upon the other hand, the Ministry of Health has permitted...medical matters to be broadcast...We have had Pasteur and Pasteurism extolled, vaccination vindicated, the filthy useless and dangerous vaccines and serums...crudely advertised. These things have been worked into lectures in the most subtle way. We have complained again and again, the BBC officials have always been ready with an excuse...It is a burning scandal...’ 46

In 1965, Lionel Dole 48 observed, of the BBC World Service: ‘...a constant stream of vaccine…boosting...kept going in about 72 languages, day and night..’

This BBC tradition of bias and disinformation – funded by the captive licence-payer and in blatant contempt for the 1990 Broadcasting Act – has carried on throughout the whole of the relentless rise of the vaccine empire and the inextricably-linked vivisection industry. Transparent ‘medical correspondents’ or ‘science editors’ supply a constant stream of false information on vaccine safety: the easily-refuted myth of the conquest of infectious disease by the vaccines is regularly paraded.

One of the subtlest ways that the BBC has used to promote vaccination was in a programme on vaccine-damage victims, on BBC Radio 4 ‘Face the Facts’ – 19 June 1997. Here, the presenter stated: ‘They suffer so the rest of us may enjoy happy, healthy lives...’ This theme was repeated by the parents: ‘If he has paid the price with his little life for other people's children...’ and ‘When the Minister goes home tonight and the MPs go home...and look at their children playing happily...remember my child and our children paid the price.’

To add further weight, a totally-in-the-dark MP – they could have chosen from over 600 – was enlisted: ‘If, as a community, we embark on a public health programme, and children suffer as a result of that programme, albeit for the best of reasons, then we have an those children...’ etc.

The presenter stated: ‘By last year, 1996, 96% of children were immunised against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, 94 % against whooping cough and 92 % against measles, mumps and rubella. The reward was the lowest incidence of childhood diseases in our history.’

The political set-up showed its use as a public protector, where vaccines are concerned, in a Parliamentary question in March 1997:

‘To ask the Secretary of State...if he will list for each of the nine MMR vaccines for which the product licence has been cancelled, the date on which the product licence was granted; whether the licensing of the vaccine was on the advice of the Committee on Safety of Medicines; on what date each cancellation took place; what safety concerns had been identified for each vaccine by the Medicines Control Agency and under whose direction the licence was withdrawn.’

The answer was: ‘...Information regarding the cancellation of product licences is commercially confidential. The recommendations of the Committee on Safety of Medicines are confidential.’

‘ITN News at Ten filmed and edited a news item about the vaccines, but it was shelved after representations from the Department of Health. One of the leading medical journals...has forbidden us to quote directly...from peer reviewed articles about vaccine safety, again, apparently because of pressure from the Department of Health...despite the fact that these articles are published scientific studies.’ 47

One early attempt at vaccine promotion, using Dr Charles Creighton, went badly wrong. Dr Creighton, whose ‘History of Epidemics’, ‘...was justly called "..the greatest medical work ever written by one man."’48 was asked by the Encyclopaedia Britannica to write an article for the ninth edition, on vaccination. Creighton, having previously written for the EB, was considered a safe pair of hands. However, no-one had envisaged him researching the subject before writing the piece.

‘Even though he tried to favour vaccination and please the medical profession in his article, he found he could not, with any honesty and accuracy, state that vaccination had ever had any influence in reducing any was all too obvious that the practice had caused thousands of deaths plus an unbelievably large number of cases of disease and disability.’5 Having publicly requested the article from the eminent physician, the hapless publishers had to use it…

‘…The physicians and vaccine laboratories were shocked but he had the proof of what he said and they knew it was correct…However, in the next edition, his article was left out...’5 and ‘...was replaced as soon as possible by what was little more than an advertisement for glycerinated calf lymph written by one of its promoters. Creighton, perhaps the greatest medical mind of the last century, was virtually turned out of his profession.’ 48 The ninth edition became a collector's item..’ !! 5


‘Lord Lister...speaking to graduates of King's College Hospital...held up a test-tube and declared that it contained enough typhoid to kill the whole of London, whereupon a tweed-clad old country doctor stomped up the aisle, seized the test-tube drank its contents, muttered "What a nonsense" and returned to his seat. Next day...the old man came down to breakfast...enjoyed a hearty meal and lived for many years.’ 52

The old fraud, Louis Pasteur’s death-bed recantation: ‘ The germ is nothing: the soil is everything’ came too late. The Germ Theory was born – the bug hunters were up and running towards a multi-trillion dollar empire of vaccines, antibiotics, antiseptics, and disinfectants: all built on the ‘germs cause disease’ hoax.

‘…if the germ theory were founded on facts there would be no living being to read what's written.’

Dr George White

The massive resurgence in strength of the ‘conquered’ germs – the creation of super-bugs which can ‘eat’ anti-biotics; the infestation of hospitals with MRSA; the re-emergence of tuberculosis; the nightmare scenario of a mass invasion of new, irresistible microbes...are all manifestations of the pay-out for the attempts to outflank Mother Nature.

Drug-resistant TB "is likely to kill millions"...Tuberculosis is expected to kill 30 million this decade...the disease is epidemic in Russia and is spreading worldwide...If the multi-drug strains become predominant...all we will be able to do is pray...a third of the world's population is infected with TB. 50

Why the killer bugs are now biting back. For 30 years doctors thought they had infectious diseases licked. A cocktail of jabs soon after birth, a phial of antibiotics in every doctor's bag and nothing could touch us. But no longer. Super-resistant viruses are spreading – with fatal consequences...Suddenly, the bug that is the most common cause of sore throats in children has grown ambitious...Group A beta-haemolytic streptococcus...infected by a killer virus, produces enzymes which literally eat flesh...In 1968, America's Surgeon General announced, "The time has come to close the book on infectious diseases" is leading the way on new super bugs.’ 51

All the warnings, from the naturopathic movement, on the fundamental dangers of vaccines, antibiotics and the rest; all the attempts to explain that germs are a result, not a cause, of disease; that asepsis – cleanliness, not antisepsis – was needed; the pleas that a strong constitution and immune system – the product of fresh, organic fruit and veg. etc, – would deal with the ‘infective agents’ – all ignored, ridiculed, laughed at.

Now, Nemesis is at the gate and She is in a very bad mood.

The Hidden Hand

‘...the word 'vaccination' numerologically adds up to 666 – the Antichrist...simply assign multiples of six to each letter of the alphabet (A = 6, B = 12, C = 18, and so on ), and add up the numbers relating to the letters, and, hey presto, 666. (spooky, eh?)’ 42

Whilst the combination of dollar-lust, arrogance and incompetence – endemic within the medical/pseudo-scientific orthodoxy and their media fronts – could, alone, explain the continued survival and expansion of vaccination, a hidden agenda must be suspected.

It is debatable that Jenner's single fraudulent experiment could have evolved into the means by which the destruction and mutation – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – of homo sapiens could be affected, without a Grand Plan.

Although there are other potent, medically-promoted health-wreckers – antibiotics, steroids, fluoride waste dumping, mass mammography, ‘radiotherapy’, the ‘Dept of Heath Balanced Diet’ etc – vaccination is in a league of its own. For the practice to have continued to the point where 80 percent of the world's newborns are due to be multi-jabbed, it could be speculated that more than the usual greed, crass stupidity and dereliction of duty on the part of the medical trade, the politicians and the mass communications media was needed.

Well-informed watchers – and there are more than some think – of the New World Order Plan have long known of an infinitely wealthy, super-criminal Power Elite of bankers, politicians, industrialists etc. who have always pulled the strings behind the world scene and have created as much havoc as they chose to.

According to the watchers, the NWO boys have a clear plan for us all; including the creation of a World Government, a central bank, a central food source, and a cash-free, micro-chipped world population, linked to a great central computer. Any dissent or freedom of thought nonsense could be dealt with by exclusion, one way or the other.

Central to this type of thinking are several facets: a reduction of world population – especially the ‘useless eaters’; more dependence on authority – and less time for questions – through debt or ill health; the instigation of and civil and social unrest and the growth of crime due to the increasingly violent mental states of the underclass.

Whilst the U.N./W.H.O. plan for a narcotised world population – via water fluoridation – went, to a large degree, down the drain, the vaccination plan – a far more effective straight-jacket – has been a pronounced success.

From the population control angle, there have been the vaccine deaths – directly or indirectly – and the vaccines have been used as vehicles to create sterility 45 and also to produce massive epidemics of encephalitis leading to war and slaughter on a vast scale.

From the authority-dependence angle there has been a huge fall-out of physical disease – from asthma, to diabetes, to MS, ME, cancer...etc. all leading to drug-dependence, wheelchairs and permanent hospital beds. Forty percent of adults and a rapidly increasing proportion of children are now reporting chronic illness or disablement

The rest of the MBDs – minimally-brain-damaged – have fallen into several categories: the above medically-dependent, the violent underclass and the programmable. An epidemic of lawlessness, seeded in childhood, is an ideal medium to create the cry of ‘something must be done.’

‘Society pays the price when these individuals grow up and begin to exhibit abberant behaviour, affecting social structure, increasing crime and necessitating more authoritarian social control mechanisms.’ 45

Then come public surveillance cameras, Criminal Justice Acts, electronic tagging and whatever follows naturally.

The programmable are a vital part of The Plan.

‘The current education system is based on the storage of facts carefully selected by the System to serve and perpetuate the status quo. The result of this is an increasingly exercised left brain, which is the body's logical and systematic base, often to the neglect of our right brain – the base of our intuitive, creative, instinctive and psychic selves. In this way we become left-hemispherically dominant in order to merely survive the education process...Our true selves, our spiritual and infinitely creative selves, suffer terribly in the process, leaving some with little or no purpose in life save to belong – mind, body and soul – to the status quo and those who serve it.’ 49

If a vaccine-induced encephalitis and cerebral palsy, results in a reduced right brain function or left-right balance and interchange, the scene is set for the creation of the emotionally-void. ‘...this emotional emptiness is typically what we see today with young people and the preceding several generations subject to vaccines. The longer the problem goes on the worse everything becomes on a social level.’ 45

The emotional/spiritual vacuum manifests in a wide spectrum of scenarios, wherever the vaccine-saturated are found: from the military automaton, carrying out atrocities to order, without flinching – to the violent habitual criminal – to the psychopathic inmates of the vivisection laboratories – to the medical personnel constantly repeating the same deadly procedures – to the alienated schoolchild whose soul-less behaviour shocks all around, except those who are just the same.

The Fundamental Flaws

Vaccination rests on several self-evident myths:
  1. That Edward Jenner's vaccine saved Britain and the world from smallpox
    False and diametrically opposed to reality; the vaccine caused countless deaths and illnesses for the vaccinated and massive constitutional problems for successive generations.
  2. That germs cause disease
    False; lack of immunity causes disease.
  3. That vaccines confer immunity
    False; immunity is a whole body phenomenon which cannot be conferred by subcutaneous injection.
  4. That vaccines were responsible for the declines of the infectious diseases
    False; the graphs show clearly that no beneficial effect from vaccination was ever evident.
  5. That vaccines are safe
    False; vaccination has clearly been shown to be far and away the greatest health-destroyer of all.
  6. That conditions such as measles, whooping cough, etc are dangerous and need to be ‘wiped out’
    False; it would be impossible for any child in reasonable health to be damaged or killed by these conditions. These illnesses have always been known as health-beneficial, due to the cleansing of inherited and acquired disease tendencies and toxins, and due to enhanced immune-system function.

This has now been lost and replaced by a plague – physical, emotional, mental and psychic.

The holocaust grows daily.  

Patrick Rattigan
1 Quarry Bank Road
S41 0HH

Mr Frank Dobson M.P.
Ms Tessa Jowell M.P.
Mr Paul Boateng M.P.
Mr Alan Milburn M.P.

date as postmark

Enclosed please find copy of Vaccination – Assault on the Species.

The mounting evidence, of which this booklet is one very small part, as to the useless, dangerous and lethal nature of vaccination, has a clear and unequivocal message.

As the Labour Government has, as far as I am aware, no links, financial or philosophical, with the pharmaceutical industry, there is no reason for the practice to continue, let alone for GPs to be paid large sums of tax-payers money to create huge amounts of chronic illness.

On moral, ethical, medical, scientific, environmental and national economic grounds vaccination must be stopped.


  copies Labour MPs etc



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The meningococcus bacterium – Neisseria meningitidis lives in the nose/throat area of human beings and is spread by coughs, sneezes and splutters. It is endemic within society, affecting up to one in six of us, without causing any symptoms unless the carrier is immuno-compromised. The most effective way, for most people, to cause this is to be vaccinated. Antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, steroids...also have an important role in damaging the immune system and increasing the risk of meningitis and a vast range of other maladies.

Meningococcal bacterial groups range from A-Z: the ones considered malign are A, B, C, W135 and Y.

When the bacteria leave the nose/throat and invade the blood stream the result is septicaemia: if the brain/spinal cord is affected the result is meningitis.

‘Once you have "carried" any of the meningococci, you develop protective antibodies to ALL of the groups.’ 1 This does NOT include people who suffered an invasive process, i.e. disease such as meningitis or septicaemia. These develop immunity to the specific agent ONLY. Nor does it include those who have been vaccinated against any particular strain.

‘Earlier this century a lot of DISEASE was caused by group A. From the 1960s most DISEASE was caused by group B. What has changed dramatically in the last ten years is the percentage of DISEASE caused by group C. It is up from 30% to 40%. It is causing more DISEASE in older age groups, especially 15-24 year-olds in whom the death-rate is higher (15%...compared to 5% in infants...)..and there are more cases of SEPTICAEMIA (up to 70% in one series of deaths)....What has been happening to these people's immune systems over the last ten years or so?’ 1

In 1988 the MMR vaccine was introduced; three live viral vaccines all by-passing the body's immune system and going straight into the blood stream.

‘On top of this we had the Measles Rubella Campaign in 1994 when about seven million 5-16 year-olds were vaccinated – some for the second and third time – against measles. These are some of the people who are going through university now. They will have also had another dose of Tetanus and Polio vaccine just before starting. When I heard about the 14 year-old boy who died of group C meningitis, I remember wondering how soon beforehand he had had his BCG vaccination (another vaccine with a "live" organism)....How can we make it less likely that a meningococcus that our child is "carrying" will invade the blood or brain? By making sure that our child has a good diet, lots of fresh air and love. When our child gets coughs and snuffles, don't let them have unnecessary antibiotics, don't suppress their symptoms with paracetamol or antihistamines...

‘Instead, nurse them through these illnesses with plenty of fluids, avoidance of dairy products, rest and supportive therapies such as homeopathy. They will then come through the episode stronger and fitter rather than weaker and damaged...WOULD I USE THIS VACCINE ON MY CHILDREN? NO.’ 1

There is no evidence that any vaccine is safe or effective. The only large-scale trial – on the BCG – resulted in more TB in the vaccinated group than in the controls. Raising levels of antibodies ("immunogenicity") to the meningitis C – or whatever – does not create immunity. Recently, in Switzerland, three mumps vaccines which raised antibody levels failed to show any suggestion of ‘immunisation’. 2

Echoing the 1994 measles/rubella vaccine dumping scam, in September 1999 the government began an ‘urgent’ campaign to jab university students with a meningitis vaccine.

What the students were not told was that the whole stunt was dreamed up to off-load stocks of old vaccine, developed 20 years ago, which was known to be of no use. This left the shelves clear to stock up on the equally useless, but highly profitable, new meningitis shot.

‘There are limited supplies of the new vaccines so they are not being offered to students but to 2, 3 and 4-month old babies who really needed them.’

DoH spokesman 3

This was after the medical/pharmaceutical/political mafia and their media lackeys had hysterically declared that it was the students who ‘really needed them’.

1. Dr Jayne M L Donegan MB BS DRCOG DCH MRCGP General Medical Practitioner, South London
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Pat Rattigan

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Vivisection – underpins the lethal vaccination racket: without fraudulent tests of safety and efficiency, the vaccines – and the drugs, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, etc. would not reach the market.

‘There is no way in the world to extrapolate animals to human circumstance. Animal research is cruel to the animal, dangerous to the public and misleading to the scientist.’ – Dr G Dettman.

‘...after more than 40 years of submitting pertussis vaccine to the mouse toxicity test, children are still dying and being brain-damaged after the vaccine has passed this test.’ – Dr K Geraghty paediatric immunologist.

‘Drug manufacturers and the FDA have known since at least the early 1960s that the mouse toxicity test bears little relation to adverse reactions in children. Knowing that the vaccine was not being properly evaluated for toxicity, they continued to inject it into more than sixty million children during the following 20 years.’ – Coulter/Fisher, A Shot in the Dark, 1991

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