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Lisa Reagan is the president and co-founder of Families for Natural Living, a 501C3 nonprofit organization that facilitates a national network of self-directed community groups and learning programs for parents. She is the US Contributing Editor to byronchild magazine, , a global magazine for conscious parenting, and the parent representative on the board of directors for the Holistic Pediatric Association. Lisa lives with her family on their organic farm in Williamsburg, Virginia.  

Autism is Treatable. Hope that is real, treatments that heal By Lisa Reagan

[2005] “A Dragon By The Tail” The Corrupt World of Global Vaccine Politics by Lisa Reagan

[2001] Vaccine Conference Exclusive Report By Lisa Reagan

F. Edward Yazbak, MD, ..... has studied cases where mothers were vaccinated with the MMR (for rubella) and with hepatitis B within five months prior to or during their pregnancies. Of the mothers in the study, 85 percent had children with autism. His studies also raised questions about the mercury-laden rhogam shot routinely given to Rh-negative mothers during pregnancy and the resulting higher incidences of autism in their children. (See also statements by Stephanie Cave, below, who said that the majority of mothers of autistic children in her practice are Rh negative.)
Because the diagnostic criteria for autism haven't changed since 1994, Yazbak believes that the increase in autism is real. He spoke of explosive increases in states like Ohio, which experienced a 6,822 percent increase within six years, and noted a 26 percent jump in diagnosed autism cases in the US just in the last year. "The thing that increased at the same time as the autism rates is vaccination," said Yazbak. "We now have the most vaccinated group of children ever. More importantly, the mothers of these children are also the most vaccinated mothers ever and have the most immune diseases ever in the history of the world."
    Yazbak believes that immune-challenged adult females do not necessarily develop protective antibodies after receiving live virus vaccine boosters. After revaccination due to the lack of antibodies, these mothers developed autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and thyroid conditions and had higher rates of miscarriages and stillbirths; in addition, their children had higher incidences of autism.
    In another study, Yazbak found that babies born to 20 of 25 women who had received an MMR vaccine postpartum developed autism. He pointed to CDC and vaccine manufacturers' recommendations on postpartum vaccination, which state that lactating postpartum women vaccinated with live attenuated rubella vaccine may secrete the virus in breastmilk and transmit it to breastfed infants and that "caution should be exercised when the vaccine is administered to a nursing mother."
Yazbak believes that all postpartum vaccination should cease immediately and that mothers who wish to breastfeed should avoid vaccinations. He also recommends that, when obtaining "informed consent," health providers should clearly explain to mothers that the rubella vaccine virus would be excreted in their nose, throat, and breastmilk. Serious research on whether measles vaccine virus is passed from mother to infant through breastmilk should be undertaken. To read Yazbak's paper, see "Autism: Is There a Vaccine Connection? Part I: Vaccination after Delivery" [2001] Vaccine Conference Exclusive Report By Lisa Reagan

Hair analysis reveals high levels of aluminum, which is also found in vaccines. "I think in later years we are going to look back at aluminum the way we are looking at mercury now," said Cave. "Aluminum is neurotoxic but is found in city water, cookware, cans, and foil. All of this can accumulate, and it is a very difficult metal to pull out of their systems....It is a slow, arduous process, but if I had to name one treatment that has had astounding results, it is pulling metals [through nutritional therapies]....The age group that seems to benefit the most is between two and seven. Between seven and 12 there is speech and social recovery, and after 12 there is an ability to reduce the rage usually seen. Metal is rage. When you pull the metal, the rage goes." For Cave's testimony to a congressional hearing on mercury, see (Click on "Healthcare," then on "Mercury in Medicine," then on Dr. Stephanie Cave). [2001] Vaccine Conference Exclusive Report By Lisa Reagan

"So we are going back to look at prenatal sources, dietary sources, through fish, and amalgam fillings in the mother's mouth," said Cave. "Mercury poisoning and autism have nearly identical symptoms: self-injurious behavior, social withdrawal, lack of eye contact, lack of facial expression, hypersensitivity to noise and touch, and repetitive behaviors." Cave's treatment program for autistic children includes a rigorous history and physical evaluation of the family and the child; routine blood and thyroid work; quantitative immunoglogulin and cellular studies; hair analysis to screen for toxic metals; digestive stool analysis; food allergy studies; amino acid, vitamin, mineral, and unsaturated fatty acids assessments at the cellular level; urine morphine peptides and urine organic acids tests; and autoimmune antibody studies.[2001] Vaccine Conference Exclusive Report By Lisa Reagan

In Cave's practice, after fraternal twins had the same shots on the same day, one child suffered ear infections and displayed speech and behavior regressioning, and the other did not. The only difference in their medical histories was that the regressed child had the hepatitis B vaccine at one month of age and his twin sister had the hepatitis B vaccine at six months of age. Cave also questioned the rhogam given to Rh-negative pregnant mothers. "When we started looking at the mothers in our practice, I realized that we probably have a majority of Rh-negative mothers. The rhogam shot has a huge does of mercury in it, especially for a fetus in the gestational stages with brain development," said Cave. [2001] Vaccine Conference Exclusive Report By Lisa Reagan