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Revoke Autism Speaks 501(c)3 Status & more
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Another huge reason why autistics hate Autism Speaks is their film
"Autism Every Day", in which they film their then-Executive Vice President,
Alison Tepper Singer, saying that when her daughter was first diagnosed,
she seriously contemplated driving her car, with her autistic daughter
inside, off a bridge. Her only reason for not acting on this, according to
her own statements, was that she had a neurotypical daughter waiting for
her at home who needed her. By her own admission, apparently, she would
have preferred to murder her own child than to have an autistic child.
There are parents who actually HAVE murdered their children and claimed
that it was a mercy killing because said child was autistic. For more
information on the minimal sentencing many of these killers got, see Those are all autistic people who were
killed/murdered as a direct result of the fact that they were autistic.
Statements like those in "Autism Every Day" glorify and seem to excuse
these horrific actions, lending justification to a parent murdering a child
for having a disability. This was originally designed as a form of pity
advertising, but has become a destructive influence in autism politics
since its release. On a side note, if one looks at the page I linked to,
one would find quite a few murder/suicides, which may be in part inspired
by Ms. Singer's remarks."

This killing has to stop, there have been several in Illinois state in just
the last month. If you don't care about death then lets take a look at
where your money is going, it sure is not going to help Autistics that's
for sure!

"Autism Speaks has released its 2008 990 tax return form, which is the
primary source of the following information regarding its finances.
According to their 990, Autism Speaks has 36 employees who were compensated
over $100,000 this year. The highest paid employee listed, their Chief
Science Officer, Geri Dawson, was compensated $644,274. That's better than
most people make in fairly good positions at Fortune 500 companies!
Shockingly, she makes more than the five people listed in the form as
"highest compensated employees", who are listed as being compensated less
than $150,000 each by Autism Speaks. Where's the rest of that money that
they didn't report, and how much is it to make them more highly compensated
than someone getting almost $650,000 from a non-profit organization? All
of the "highest compensated employees" are in some sort of administrative
or "relations" position, meaning that they're part of the Autism Speaks
bureaucracy and overhead, except for one who is listed as "Senior Policy
Advisor and Counsel", which could mean that he's part of their oversized
legal department, known for threatening people who make t-shirts or
parodies to express their displeasure with Autism Speaks (false allegations
of copyright violation were the bulk of those cases). Not including
federated fundraising money, Autism Speaks spent over $1.7 million on
fundraiser expenses, and made only $142,693 from that investment (that's
the net gain, or what's left after that $1.7 million is subtracted from the
total monies gained from the fundraisers). In total, they spent
$17,756,876 on employee salaries, pensions/401ks, benefits, and payroll
taxes. By contrast, their grants to individuals and communities totaled a
paltry $66,670, not even a drop in the bucket compared to their total
reported expenditures. Based on that information, it is clear that Autism
Speaks does very little with their money to help autistic people and their
families, and I haven't even shown all the reputation-damaging financial
information I have on them from their 990."

That is well over 1.0 MILLION dollars handed to PRIVATE hands. Not to the
public, Not to schools to help create more autism awareness. Just plain
private hands to buy 52" Plasma TV's and Private jets.

We need to STOP this AT ONCE. Autism Speaks has violated it's right to
retain a 501(c)3 status let alone has possibly violated its right to
operate as a company!

Autism Speaks is even receiving money from the US Federal Government for
it's so called "Research" along with the United Nations. This is WRONG! -
Validity to be verified, questioned by a signer OCT 13

Their videos are NEGATIVE about Autism Here are a few

I Am Autism by Alfonso Cuaron and Billy Mann

Autism Every Day - 7 minute version

There is a quote from Susan Wright one of the FOUNDERS of Autism Speaks
that is horrid, her husband is the VP of General Electric!

"We're now playing catch-up as we try to stem the tide and ultimately
eradicate autism for the sake of future generations. If we continue our
current trajectory, we'll get there in my lifetime."
(EDIT: OCT 5th )
Autism Speaks since inception has been abusing the first amendment (Freedom
of speech) by producing false information and information that promotes
murder and mistreatment of Autistics. Just recently a article
releases some horrifying news about murder and autism.