Homeopathy for vaccine damage

Rosemary Persi

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Hello Jo,I have a vaccine damaged son [autistic symtoms plus complex neuro-degenerative condition ]who has used homeopathy for more thn 14 years with great success, so from personal experience I can tell you that homeopathy works it has helped my son with
*gasrointestinal problems-malabsorption,nutrient deficiencies ie.B12
*gut inflammation-restoring & repairing damage
*malabsorption problems-inability to digest food properly therefore being allergic to various foods [coliac]
*repair& restore his damaged immune system
*removing viruses & bacteria from his body [especially enteroviruses which multiply in the intestines therefore causing inflammation]

Through homeopathy & supplements [ digestive enzymes & proteases ,vitamins & minerals ]we have repaired our sons immune system & repaired gasro-intestinal problems, by removing pathogens & correcting nutrient deficiencies which has led to an improvement in his metabolic & nervous system function.

Our son has gained 20 kilos in the last 3 years as a result!

Our GP's suggestion was a feeding tube + medication & now wants to know how & what we used to treat our son, clearly from our own personal experience doctors don't know how to treat a vaccine damaged child.
Homeopathy does work I can vouch for that!
My son has outlived his diagnosis by 9 years now & we are still counting if it wasn't for homeopathy he would not be alive today!