Smoke, Mirrors and Spin - how they dragged us into the nettlebed

by Lisa Blakemore-Brown

9 June 2007

'Women and Children first' - er...not these days. All is not honourable when money and power take over. Even the children get trampled under the golden soles of the rich and powerful - and don't worry, none of that gold will rub off - they make sure of that.

For as long as Thimerosal has been in vaccines - since 1930 - various forms of persuasion and suggestibility have been used to hide and spin out the truth of the damage it does and the damage other vaccines such as MMR may have done. This may come as a shock because you might wonder how any ethical corporation can deny the truth that Mercury is the second deadliest poison on this Earth - and we have been injecting it into infants for 77 years.

For decades this was relatively easy - no internet, not even phones and TV for the majority in the earliest days.

Commercial meetings involving the most eminent and the most trusted, could be held in secret, no notes to be removed from the room and all heads to be emptied before leaving, mouths to utter only the agreed mantras - on pain of loss of job. Any mouth inclined to whisper the truth would find itself silenced forever. No doubt handsome rewards were also in place to buy silence. Maybe even Knighthoods !

Disasters could easily be put to the back of one's corporate mind only to very occasionally explode in the middle of a long night to leave those with some conscience in a cold sweat - briefly.

As time went on, and public communications improved, things became a little more difficult. There was the media for a start and the scoops it was so fond of. No worries - a little infiltration and the same tactics could be used from the inside. But the forms of spin, the methods used to slam shut every door behind which the truth may lay, had to become more and more complex - especially as the problems were increasing not decreasing with mass propaganda and accelerated vaccine programmes during the 1980's.

These tactics included parent blame when a child succumbed to an adverse reaction, training of professionals to see vaccine damage symptoms as indicative of child abuse (but never iatrogenic), vilification of professionals who spoke out, debate silenced, denial of any alternative to the mantra - 'there is no connection between death and vaccines/autism etc and vaccines/brain damage and vaccines/auto immune disorders and vaccines - there's no evidence of harm'. The latter phrase entered the mantra after David Kirby wrote his book 'Evidence of Harm' about three mothers who uncovered through FOI the secret Simpsonwood meeting in Atlanta Georgia. In that meeting Dr Verstraeten who worked for the CDC displayed his slides on the effects of Thimerosal on the child's developing system. It was so clear he could say what a child would develop depending on the day he had the vaccine and the weight of the child. In other FOI obtained emails he said it didn't matter what he did, the data sang out the same message. There was a significant association between the Thimerosal containing vaccine and neurological damage. Clearly this was unwanted news and Dr Verstraeten soon found himself out of work with the CDC - to a job with Big Pharma. He soon changed his tune.

Governments and their health agencies could easily be won over with a bit of lobbying, touch of infiltration, threats and promises, engagement of a 'dirty layer' of dodgy people who would happily do their dirty work, spreading spin and rumour, vilifying and harrassing critics, setting up smoke and mirrors to disguise the truth etc. Before you knew it - we were all in the nettlebed.

We all stung so much we couldn't think straight - and in that state could easily miss what was staring us in the face - and that was just how Big Pharma and those in an unholy alliance with them wanted it.

Conflicts of interest abound in anything to do with vaccine issues. Big Pharma funds the Health agencies epidemiology and data is held close to the corporate chest. They mark their own homework. Even conflicts exist within Courts.

Spin entered the picture with a vengeance in 1980's and 90's. Adverse reactions morphed into 'coincidences', anyone and everyone who reacted must have some genetic problem - so why did this not manifest itself in the same symptoms before the vaccine? The answer shifts to 'well it would have happened anyway'. But it didn't - until the vaccine. All else is theory.

When the smoke clears, and the stinging dies down, it's the children we see, and the crystal clear audit trail that leads right back to the before and after stories when they had their vaccinations.

Lets hope the Judges in New York can climb out of the nettlebed to see through the smoke - and put the children first, at last.