Hidden David Southall MSBP Film Internet Released

One Click Note: This is the Award winning film of disgraced paediatrician David Southall and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy recently uploaded to YouTube that the British Establishment has not wanted you to see for the last ten years.

It therefore gives The One Click Group great pleasure today to afford it maximum worldwide promotion and distribution.


The David Southall Film Clip. For the full catalogue, see here To get a full understanding of the impact of this film and its implications, you need to start at Clip 1 and watch the whole thing through to Clip 11. This film is a must view.

Health Advocate Gregory White writes:

This documentary was made by TV3, Auckland New Zealand, for their 20/20 programme. It won a Quantas Award for Best Investigative Medical Journalism. It was filmed in Auckland and in England during the early months of 1997 and aired on March 27th 1997.

Its focus is the use of the legal term "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy" and how innocent mothers have been destroyed by having it falsely applied to them and blamed for their children's very real conditions, some of which are related to side effects of drugs and vaccines.

It pivotally features a mother who had four children removed in the UK, and moved to New Zealand with her Kiwi husband; a number of similarly falsely accused families and certain key professional figures, namely, David Southall, a Paediatrician and Lisa Blakemore-Brown, a Psychologist.

The reason it features these professionals is because both were Experts in a court case involving the central family featured in the film.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown is a specialist in Autism and related disorders such as ADHD and David Southall is a specialist in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, though the public will know him more for his false assertions that Stephen Clark killed his two infant boys after watching him give an interview in a TV documentary. Stephen Clark was married to the now deceased tragic Sally Clark, wrongly accused and jailed for killing her children, with Professor Sir Roy Meadow, another MSBP Expert, making dogmatic and subsequently discredited claims in her case.

The film focuses, some may think unfairly, on the methods and thinking of Professor Southall. In his defence it needs to be said that he is not alone in this thinking, which has rapidly developed, especially in the last ten years. Sir Roy Meadow first used the term Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in 1977.

In the ten years since this important film has been made, it has not once been shown in Britain, particularly puzzling when the Experts and the families are all British.

During that period Lisa Blakemore-Brown has been the subject of what she claims are vexatious complaints and harassment and this has been a subject aired in the Press. It has also been reported that she alerted many New Labour Ministers including Jack Straw (now Minister of Justice) and Jacqui Smith (now Home Secretary) about her very serious concerns after being an Expert in the case and when she was advising the Government as Chair of a group of Psychologists, but nothing was done about those concerns.

Anyone who cares about the safety of children, especially those with special needs, and the right for them to live happy and fulfilled lives with their families and anyone with concerns about the use of MSBP, especially in the Family Courts, and with concerns about the silencing of professionals who try to begin debates on issues of serious professional concern and public interest, should watch this film.

The question those who watch it should ask is this: Why has it never been seen in the UK - edited or unedited? Why has it been hidden?

Gregory White

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