Spain Withdraws HPV Vaccine Gardasil after Two Hospitalizations

February 10, 2009

Updated February 18

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MADRID (AFP) Spanish health authorities have withdrawn tens of thousands of doses of a vaccine against cervical cancer after two teenagers who received the shots were hospitalised, regional authorities said on Tuesday.

A batch of nearly 76,000 doses of the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) was withdrawn from market, a government statement said, after two girls in the eastern Valencia region fell seriously ill hours after receiving them.

"One of the girls got out of intensive care this weekend and the other is still there. Both are in stable condition," a Valencia health department spokeswoman told AFP. The two girls were vaccinated last week as part of a vast government vaccination programme targeting adolescents.

The vaccine prevents the most common types of HPV, a common virus spread through sexual contact that can cause cervical cancer.

Some 500,000 cases of cervical cancer are discovered each year, according to United Nations estimates, many in developing countries. If left untreated, invasive cervical cancer is almost always fatal.

Spanish health authorities said in a statement the batch of the Gardasil brand of vaccines was distributed country-wide, with some earmarked for regional vaccination programs and the rest sold at pharmacies.


Editor's Note:

Compare Spain to the United States for a moment. Let's go straight to the source -- the CDC.

Here's Gardasil's track record:
( http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/vaers/gardasil.htm)

The CDC whitewashes the statitistics.

However, you can hear the words of an American Gardasil victim and watch her story at the link below:
Ashley's Story
Please share this article with anyone who has a daughter or is of the age Merck and their pediatricians want to jab.

UPDATE 2-18-09

Gardasil now back in Spanish pediatrician's arsenals:

( http://www.reuters.com/article/rbssHealthcareNews/idUSLG21940220090216 )
MADRID, Feb 16 (Reuters) - The Spanish region of Valencia has resumed cervical cancer vaccinations using Merck & Co's (MRK.N) Gardasil, a spokeswoman for Valencia's health authority said on Monday.
Use of the vaccine was halted last Monday when two girls fell ill after receiving injections from the same batch of the drug.
"The batch which the sick girls recieved is still suspended and being investigated, but injections from other batches of Gardasil resumed today," the spokeswoman said. (Reuters)
Here is another video of an American Gardasil victim. Be sure to scroll down and read the comments as well.