Tying in all the populations affected - autism, MS, Alzheimer's , etc

From Tana at  <sultana_1959@yahoo.com>

Hi All -

After two recent family reunions, I feel compelled to contribute to
this thread...

As we watch the heroic and exhaustive efforts of so many -those who
write and work tirelessly to pass bills, outstanding books and
writings such as Evidence of Harm, Olmstead's and Pringle's series,
protests, ARI, Generation Rescue, Imus, etc. - we all still see our
children and our community being kept "in the box" - screaming to be

THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.  It may be time to tie in the other
populations that are just as affected.  The skyrocketing numbers of
people diagnosed with MS, Alzheimer's, etc., all seem to coincide
with the autism "epidemic" or possibly the excessive flu vaccine

As a first generation American, I have a very healthy family history
of European descent, mostly from old farming/shepherding towns -
good clean living.  NEVER NEVER NEVER have we had neurological
issues. I have always hated that part of the "intake" whenever we
saw a new Dr. or therapist - when they would dig into our history
only to find ZIPPO - as if it just wasn't possible. Most of my
family members live well into their late 80's to late 90's without
ever having been sick or hospitalized, and with their minds INTACT. 
An uncle just died at 99 1/2 yo - fishing etc. til the end.  Great
old folks who's stories you wanted to hear over and over.

I was SHOCKED at my last reunion (last month) to see TWO older aunts
with Bell's Palsy, drooling with one eye frozen open and the side of
their faces falling, a brilliant and dynamic uncle who is shaking,
shuffling and tipping over at 70 yrs old, with a recent diagnosis of
Parkinson's, two young cousins clearly ASD.  I also have an aunt who
started staring off into space, the same way and at the exact same
time my son did about 10 years ago.  She is now completely
physically and mentally incapacitated with Alzheimer's in a care
facility - physically strong, this could go on indefinitely.
Everyone consistently went for their flu shots. Folks, this is not
just an aging population.  To look at them, you can tell we are
being poisoned.  Perhaps we have that *&^%*&%MTHRFR*&^$%!!! gene,
but come on.....

Yes, they have silver fillings.  And, they felt sure that getting
their flu shots "from the hospital" would guarantee they would be

This older generation is also deeply affected by the toxic epidemic
and being ignored, because it is seen as just that .... aging.  I
believe it is anything BUT aging.  How many of us watched last year
in horror as all those old folks lined up for hours and hours with
their walkers all over the country waiting for their flu shots
because of the Frist Bird Flu scare??? It is unconscionable.

Clearly the poisoning of our population crosses many generations and
there are large numbers not being counted that could make our voice
louder and the movement against the pharmacos stronger.  I have no
idea who has the energy to tie this all together - I usually break
down and collapse every night with worry after trying to make the
most of each day.  I do try to educate all those around me who think
I am just a "hippie" who is "out there".  I usually get their
attention when I tell them the schedule is over 40 shots now and it
WILL be their grandchildren next....Monstrous indeed.

I am deeply grateful for those who work on our behalf.