CDC Lies


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By Jon Rappoport

In an AP story posted on October 23, the CDC continues to spread the really important virus: propaganda.

First we have the headline itself:

“US swine flu deaths surpass 1,000.”

Now, how would the CDC know that?  They admitted they stopped testing for Swine Flu in July.  The real testing is going on in state labs.  And CBS, yesterday, exposed that sham.  Very small percentages of suspected Swine Flu samples have come back positive from those labs.

Then we have this claim:

“More Americans have been vaccinated against seasonal flu this fall than ever before by this time of year, federal health officials said Friday.

“Sixty million people have gotten the [ordinary non-Swine Flu] winter flu vaccine…”

I can’t prove this one is false.  But it would mean that 1 out of 5 Americans­men, women, children, babies­have, amid the Swine Flu hysteria, seen their way clear to getting the other flu shot.

The CDC is desperate.  They’re desperate after CBS exposed the overwhelming percentage of negative lab tests for Swine Flu yesterday, and they’re desperate about those polls showing at least half of groups questioned aren’t planning to get the Swine Flu shot.

So the CDC PR people smoked something strong and tossed out a preposterous 60-million figure.

Still later in the AP story (CDC press release), we get this one: 

“Many millions” of Americans have had swine flu so far, according to an estimate he [the CDC director] gave at a Friday press conference. The government doesn’t test everyone to confirm swine flu so it doesn’t have an exact count.

No kidding.  Many millions have had Swine Flu?  Wow.  Last I read, the (unsupported) estimate was in the thousands.

Next we’ll learn that half the country is in hospitals.

If the cases numbers are in the millions, I guess we’ve all come through okay, and now we’re immune and we don’t need the vaccine, right?

Finally, the AP story (fairy tale) comments on flu activity in the individual states:

“Forty-six states now have widespread flu activity. The only states without widespread flu are Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey and South Carolina. There are at least two different types of flu causing illnesses; tests from about 5,000 patients suggest that nearly all the flu cases are swine flu.”

This is a very interesting way to talk about statistics.  For example, it could mean that most of the test samples of suspected cases of Swine Flu didn’t have ANY KIND OF FLU at all, and most of those that were flu were Swine Flu.  Which adds up to a big yawn, and some serious questions about what doctors think flu symptoms look like.

And that’s what the facts reveal, at least in California.   

CBS actually went to state labs and obtained the numbers.  In California, 13,704 test samples from suspected Swine Flu patients were analyzed.  2% (!) turned out to be Swine Flu.  Negative for ANY KIND of flu?  86%.

In Georgia, state labs analyzed 3,117 test samples.  2% were positive for Swine Flu.

In Alaska, 722 samples were tested.  Swine Flu?  11%.  Other Flu?  6%.  Negative for any kind of flu?  83%.

In Florida, 8,853 test samples were analyzed.  17% were positive for Swine Flu.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if these CDC whoppers today were a direct response to CBS’ piece yesterday.  Somebody at CDC said, “We’re not going to take this crap lying down.  Throw out some figures, guys, we’re hitting back hard.  How many cases of Swine Flu should we say are in the US?  A million?  Hell, let’s call it many millions.”

Your CDC.  Working for you.  With tales even little children would laugh at.

Jon Rappoport