Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages

a book by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Includes a 75 minute DVD by Dr. Tenpenny, discussing the history of mandatory vaccination and concerns about the HPV cervical cancer vaccine called Gardasil

Saying No To Vaccines

A Resource Guide for All Ages


  A Note to Readers from Dr. Tenpenny

Foreword by Lou Paget

Foreword by Dr. Andrew Moulden

Chapter 1: Decisions About Vaccination: Whom Should You Trust?  Reasons to Question

Chapter 2: A (Short) History of Mandatory Vaccination

Chapter 3: The 25 Most Common Arguments Supporting Vaccination --- The Truth You Need to Know

  1. Vaccines are safe.
  2. Vaccines are effective and have saved millions of lives around the world.
  3. Serious adverse events following vaccination are rare.
  4. Vaccination has been demonstrated to be one of the most effective medical interventions known to mankind. The eradication of smallpox demonstrates this accomplishment.
  5. Vaccine-induced antibodies provide protection against infection, disability and death caused by vaccine-preventable diseases. Antibodies are a sign of protection.
  6. Arguments against vaccination are irrational, based on fear and resistance to authority. (In other words, persons who make these arguments don't want the government telling them what to do). Many are conspiracy theorists and believe the government is knowingly harming them.
  7. Vaccine-preventable diseases of childhood can be serious. Your child can contract one of these illnesses and your child could die.
  8. Parents who believe chickenpox is a benign disease and that the vaccine is not necessary are putting their children at considerable risk. (Includes extensive facts about the chickenpox vaccine.)
  9. No child should be denied the benefits of vaccination.
  10. Vaccination is one of the most cost-effective interventions in all of health care.
  11. There is no evidence that vaccination harms the immune system.
  12. There is no evidence that vaccination can lead to chronic disease.
  13. There is no evidence that vaccination is linked with the development of asthma.
  14. There is no evidence that vaccination can lead to allergies.
  15. The traces of additives found in vaccines are inconsequential and non-toxic.
  16. The stray viruses sometimes found in vaccines are harmless.
  17. Vaccines cannot cause the diseases they are designed to prevent.
  18. We must continue to vaccinate against polio until the WHO declares the virus is eradicated. After all, polio is just a plane ride away.
  19. Everyone must be vaccinated to protect everyone else.
  20. Pertussis (whooping cough) is a serious illness and children are at risk of dying from this infection.
  21. The pertussis vaccine is safe. After all, it has been FDA-approved for use since the 1940s.
  22. Due to some concerns about the whole-cell pertussis vaccine, a new, acellular pertussis vaccine was licensed in 1991. The DTaP vaccine is safe and effective.
  23. There are no effective treatments for pertussis.
  24. The incidence of pertussis is on the rise. Adolescents need to be revaccinated to prevent outbreaks of pertussis.
  25. There is no relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. The MMR vaccine is completely safe and should be given to all children. Claims made by Dr. Andrew Wakefield about MMR and autism have been disproved.

Chapter 4: Vaccine Exemptions: How to Legally Avoid Vaccinations

Chapter 5: Vaccine Exemptions for Special Circumstances

Chapter 6: Frequently Asked Questions About Vaccination

Chapter 7: Selected Articles by Dr Sherri J. Tenpenny

Chapter 8: References - Glossary and Addendums

Addendum A: Childhood Vaccination Schedule    

Addendum B: Adolescent Immunization Schedule

Addendum C: School Requirements, by State

Addendum D: Recommended International Vaccine Schedules

Addendum E: Recommended Vaccine Price Lists, Pediatric and Adult

Addendum F: Vaccine Ingredient Lists

Addendum G: Common Vaccines and Their Ingredients

Addendum H: Individual Ingredients, Sorted by Vaccine

Addendum I: Graphs of Infectious Disease Decline

Addendum J: References for Hepatitis B-Related Disorders

Addendum K: OSHA Hepatitis B Declination Statement

Addendum L: Foreign Adoption Affidavit

Addendum M: Sample Philosophical Vaccine Refusal Form

Addendum N: Hospital Hepatitis B Refusal Form for Newborns

Addendum O: Vaccine Injury Compensation Table

Addendum P: Vaccine Titer Table

Addendum Q: Influenza Vaccine Requirements for Hospital Employees

Addendum R: College Meningitis Vaccine Requirements, by State    

Addendum S: Resources for Parents, by State

Addendum T: Pre-Vaccination Preparation

Addendum U: Quick References from Book