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The Rise of Diseases 'Caused' by Sub-acute Hg Poisoning

by Dr King

2009 Aug

you may download this file along with the other four (4) files being
released today from the "Documents" web page of the CoMeD website:

The other files being posted are (http://www.Mercury-freeDrugs.org)

: a. "The 'Truth' About The Toxicity Of Thimerosal (12 August 2009; 6 pages)

b. "The 'No Thimerosal-Preserved Vaccines' Lie (12 August 2009; 9 pages)

c. "E-mail: Information quality request seeking corrections (24 July 2009; 3 pages), and

d. "Formal Review of the FDA's: 'Thimerosal in Vaccines Questions and Answers (18 July 2009; 76 pages)

Should anyone have a legitimate need for a "doc" file version of any of these files, please send an email with a title of "TRDCS-HgPoisoning" in the subject line and the file you need and the reason you need it in the text.

Hopefully, some of the information provided in these documents will help some of you understand the reality of the continuing sub-acute mercury poisoning of most of us as well as our siblings, children, nieces and nephews, cousins, friends, and grandchildren and grandniecees and grandnephews by means of the Thimerosal-preserved vaccines administered to pregnant women and children in America every year from 6 months to now 18 years of age and, for an ever increasing number of us, recommended every year thereafter and, for those in living in managed-care facilities every year they reside there.

Since the indications are that many of the doses of the "swine flu" vaccine are Thimerosal-preserved and the recommendation is that a pregnant woman get the regular flu shot and 2 swine-flu shots, any pregnant women who receives 3 Thimerosal-preserved shots MAY expose her child to as much as nominally 75 micrograms of mercury (150 micrograms of Thimerosal) and will tripple that developing child's exposure, in any case, over the exposure he or she would have received if the mother only received a Thimerosal-preserved annual flu shot.


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