Flu vaccine racket  Guillain-Barre syndrome

 Flu vaccine, Fluvirin, causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome

2014 Nov

Contaminated Vaccines [2014 Nov]

This just in. Awful story from a mom who thought getting her daughter the flu vaccine would be good. From a mother in San Francisco, CA, she is now watching her daughter turn almost lifeless, now bleeding from her nose and paralyzed partially from a flu shot. The doctor confirmed Pressley's damage was probably more severe than anticipated. The belief is that not only has the myelin coating around the nerves at the base of her brain stem been damaged but, also, the nerves themselves. They likened the anatomy to a copper wire with insulation. Her insulation had been eaten through, torn, and the wires were frayed and splitting.... the test to determine the extent of the damage would be painful and intolerable for her. This toddler was happy and healthy and now cannot walk, is suffering incredible pain and her family cannot even hold her or hug her because it hurts too much. She started bleeding badly from her nose a couple of days ago and since that point yesterday, we haven't received an update.


This toddler was given the Flu vaccine Fluvirin about 2 weeks ago and has been fighting to survive. This is what is happening to school kids and teachers. This little girl was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, listed as an adverse reaction on the package insert.


The mother wrote " To say the least – we will do whatever we need to do to ensure the recovery of our daughter. And – we will stay away from unnecessary vaccines. While the medical community clearly hesitates to point at any cause and effect, and some may say “bad luck,” I am not so convinced. Based on the timeline of events and what I have read, a simple vaccine has altered our lives forever."