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1. Upcoming Seminars
Seattle 20 Feb
Ontario CA 13 Mar
Ontario CA 14 Mar      Freedom Law School
Dallas TX   20 Mar
Orange County CA   3 Apr
Montrose OH    22 Apr
Lansing MI        24 Apr
St Louis MO    30 Apr
Helsinki Finland   TBA
Oslo Norway    8 May
Danbury CT    15 May

2. New information:

Goodbye Swine Flu      chapter -- www.thedoctorwithin.com  
book:  The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization 13th edition

DVD sets

3. New services

  Phone consultation
  Nutritional consultation

4. New nutritionals



The  full day Two-Seminars-In-One vaccine/detox seminar has been a great success so far this year.  Attendees like the idea of getting an introduction to the material in the two full day seminars.

    "Best seminar I've taken since graduation.  Instead of the typical supervised nap, I forgot that these relicensing deals could be interesting and valuable. This one should be mandatory."  Dr JCM,  Salinas

 We've scheduled the following all day venues so far:

Seattle           20 Feb
Ontario CA 13 Mar
Dallas TX   20 Mar
Orange County           3 Apr
Montrose OH           22 Apr
Danbury CT            15 May
Oslo Norway            8 May

Here's a flyer for the seminar:

 THE NEW HUMAN GENOME  (includes technique)

                               Tim O’Shea, DC

A synthesis of the newest and most vital information from both the Vaccine and Nutrition seminars:

Swine flu de-mythologized                                               
  2010 Schedule: 68 vaccines by age 18

The new Prevnar, Rotateq, and HPV vaccines         
Germ Theory of disease    
New vaccines coming soon                                               
 Exemption laws   
Nutrition and chiropractic practice                                 
 Monoculture: The end of biodiversity    
Cell transport and DNA                                                          
 The future of nutrition and GMO                                
Cancer in children: DNA error                            
Learning disability and hydrogenation
DNA transcription: creating the immune system      
The only cure for reflux
Colon revitalization                                                                   
 Antioxidants, oral chelation
Processed foods and genetic modification                   
Nutrient minerals                                                          
Refined carbohydrates and Type II diabetes
Obesity:  the programmed epidemic        
 Complete Autism chelation protocol
Psychoneurological aspects of flavoring                      
 Collagen:  cell reconstruction                      
Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity                          
The heart meds mythology
Detoxification from dental amalgams, thimerosal, aluminum, hydrogenated oils, vaccines

 “Had to take 204 CE hours all in one year...your Nutrition Seminar was the best by far.”  Dr MM  
“Annihilated so many myths about nutrition… info I can really use in my practice”      Dr S., San Diego
“What shows is the amount of work done to make this seminar… like drinking out of a firehose.” Dr B R
“In 20 years, the best seminar I’ve ever seen….. should be mandatory of ALL doctors!” Dr AR
“O’Shea’s Nutrition seminar was the first time I’ve ever been glad the state board required CE.”  Dr AC
“You are right about pure blood;  that is the key.”  Ted H. Spence , DDS
“Best CE seminar I’ve taken in 25 years.”  Dr JCM, San Mateo

Cost: 12 hours CE credit: DCs   $169 advance, $199 at door         
              General Public   $99
         Registration: 408 298 1800       or doc@thedoctorwithin.com       

Course material available on DVD/audio CD                   2009 vaccine book: $25
                                        Approved for 12 hours by BCE:  CAA 0911 4811


In 2010, I will be appearing as a speaker at a number of uniquely enlightening events:

Ontario CA 14 Mar      Freedom Law School
March 12-15, 2010   Ontario, California
Hilton Ontario Airport (909) 980-0400

                Free, if you  pre-register by February 26th, 2010

Sally Fallon  Weston A. Price Foundation
Dr. Tim O’Shea  “Goodbye Swine Flu: The Boutique Epidemic”                                                        Dr. Nancy Appleton.,  “Lick the Sugar Habit”                        
Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay
Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures Raw Dairy
Hollie Greenwood MS, Certified Holistic Nutritionist And Chef                                                                                                                       Kim Thompson, OptimizedMovement.com                                                                                                                                                            Scott Tipps,  President of the National Health Federation                         
Dr. Orly Taitz
Peymon Mottahedeh, founder of Freedom Law School

* Truth about vaccines and the flu/Swine flu shot dangers!
* A Cure for tooth decay.
* new health care laws to limit your choices and what you can do.
* How Sugar is responsible for a great number of diseases a
* How you can prepare Healthy Nutritiously dense foods.
* What are the health benefits of raw milk?  
* Are animal fats good for you?
* U.S. Constitution and how it still applies in our day.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Freedom Law School, (760)868-4271,   www.livefreenow.org    



Lansing MI        24 Apr




St Louis MO    30 Apr

Dr O'Shea    2 lectures:

1. Childhood Immunology and the New Boutique Epidemics
2.  Nutrition and Detox at the Cellular Level: The New Human Genome

2010 Physician’s Round Table
The Westin, St. Louis, MO
April 30 – May 2, 2010

contact Sue Vogan (252-566-4461)


Helsinki Finland  

 Location to be announced      8 May

Dr Brad Glowaki, Practice Maven  and Dr Tim O'Shea will do a memorable, no holds barred presentation:
                           Chiropractic Philosophy: Its Role in Practice Survival and Breakthrough

info at  




Goodbye Swine Flu

 the newest chapter at

Did you know the swine flu scare is over, except for the shouting?  Learn the story that is so hard to get from media, about how this disease never existed in the first place, how the vaccine isn't new, how the entire program was a thinly-veiled and desperate attempt to offload unused flu vaccine stocks.  Learn how all this is being corroborated by an EU investigation into collusion between the World Health Organization and the vaccine industry to create this false pandemic.  Might sound like conspiracy stories, but this is happening right now, totally documented.  The value of knowing this information is that you'll be ready for the next phony scare, which is sure to  pop up at any time.

New book:

 Attention All Parents…

Have you had doubts lately about the safety of vaccines? Now you can make a fully informed decision about vaccination risks for your child.

    Suppose you could read an authoritative  book and know as much as any doctor about the risks, facts, and brief history of vaccination and immunization?

VACCINATION IS NOT IMMUNIZATION    - 13th edition, 2009 –  
 by Dr Tim O'Shea

In order to keep up to date, this is the 12th edition of the book in the past 9 years.  If you think you know this material because you read an older edition, think again. So many new events are taking place all the time in the area of vaccines, events which are simply left out of the news media.  For example:
here is a chart of the required number of childhood vaccines in recent years:

       1980   20 vaccines
       2003   40 vaccines
       2004   53 vaccines
       2005   58 vaccines
       2006   63 vaccines
       2008   68 vaccines

Why is this number going up every year now, and you never read about it in any popular media?

 A fearsome battle is lining up today in our brave new world. It's as though we're being forced to draw the line to a new threat - an assault on the blood of our children. This is not just a figure of speech. New vaccines are being invented every year, all with the same hope - to be included in the mandated Immunization Schedule. It's very big money. Today we're up to 68 vaccines mandated for use before a child is eighteen years old. Our infant mortality rate and the health of our children are appalling. The incidence of both infectious diseases and degenerative diseases among adult Americans is skyrocketing.

 “The most comprehensive book I have read over the past 25 years on this subject.”
              - Roy Kupsinel, MD  Autism and the Vaccine Connection

"In his book Dr. O'Shea records the shameful history of what has been done by the drug companies and the institutions that are supposed to make sure they are honest... the role played by vaccinations over the past 100 years has been grossly exaggerated and the harm that this has done has been carefully hidden from public view. "
                                           - Abram Hoffer, MD --  Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

"Every new mother and father should have the opportunity to read The Sanctity of Human Blood before subjecting their children to mandatory vaccinations."                   
- Kilmer McCully, MD    The Heart Revolution

"The Sanctity of Human Blood is the most well documented analysis of the vaccination cult of modern medicine.  Be informed of the dangers, lack of scientific proof of immunity, and other health concerns of vaccines.  As the best source for public and professionals, I highly recommend `The Sanctity of Human Blood`.                                  - William Deagle, MD      GCN syndicated radio

“This book is the best source I have in my library about the
history and the horrors of the vaccine industry. ... the three
generations of wholesale poisoning..   Thanks for doing the
research for the rest of us.”           - Gary Kohls, MD    Duluth, MN

You are right about pure blood .... that is the key.       ... Ted H Spence, DDS, ND

"Wow! Yours is the most current, best referenced presentation on vaccines I have ever seen. You have taken a very complex subject and organized it so that it can be comprehended by the average person.   Dr. TF,  Tustin CA

“…a careful collection of irrefutable facts…spent several days reading and re-reading it, and it is fantastic!”      -Hans Raible, Esq.,  Stuttgart Germany

This book is the complete package, … over 300 references, .. dispels the myths and blatant lies that the public is told by their pediatricians and community leaders, as well as the propaganda,  politics, and money in U.S. vaccine policy … an absolute must for any parent.
Dr. Mark Cymerint, Mission Viejo CA

“your sharing of this knowledge will save lives. It's pure awareness. “
Turid Sandberg, Norway

Keep going after the truth -- just make sure your bulletproof vest fits.
Hal Huggins, DDS, Colorado Springs

Life-changing information, thoroughly researched. Thank you so much for putting all the pieces together and shining the light of day on an immoral greed-driven industry.
Dr BN,  St. George MT

Cost:  $25 plus shipping
To order please call  Immunition 915 307 1055 or email


DVD sets:

Both full day vaccine and nutrition seminars are now available on DVD.
Cost : $100
to order please call Immunition   915 307 1055


  Phone consultation
After reading the health chapters and testimonials at thedoctorwithin.com many patients want to discuss their case with Dr O'Shea in detail.  Phone consults are now available, usually scheduled on weekday evenings.

Such a consultation would benefit someone who has read the chapters recommended in The Last Resort but has specific concerns about how to apply the whole program to a particular situation.

The patient is required to read the following chapters before the consultation:

    * A Normal Life
    * Enyzmes: The Key to Longevity
    * The Last Resort
    * The 60 Day Colon & Blood Detox Program
    * Journey to the Center of Your Colon
    * Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity
    * New West Diet
    * Sugar: The Sweet Thief of Life

The patients who might benefit from such a consultation are those who have reached that point where they realize standard medicine has nothing more to offer them, and that if they are to have any hope whatsoever, it’s going to be the result of their own initiative. These people will do whatever it takes to make a radical change toward life, toward survival, and therefore have prepared themselves for the consultation.

To schedule please call (408) 298-1800
or email doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com  

In person Nutritional consultation also available.

4. New nutritionals


The newest broad spectrum enzyme: Digestazyme.

Broad spectrum means the complete digestion of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, as well as fiber in the diet.  Unless you eat n 80% raw foods diet, it is likely that undigested processed foods are accumulating in your arteries and in your digestive tract.  This is the dual purpose of taking daily enzyme supplements: complete digestion and uncompromised blood circulation.

For the complete story of the critical importance of enzymes refer to Enzymes : The Key to Longevity a chapter at  www.thedoctorwithin.com

The new formula is twice as effective as an enzyme we have ever recommended. This is due to a detailed re-formulation and meticulous re-evaluation of each ingredient, based on the original research of  Dr Stan Bynum.  Bynum was the successor to Dr Edward Howell’s work at National Enzyme Company, outside St. Louis Missouri.  Dr Bynum was also the founder of Infinity in the early 1990s.

The new formula has been updated to reflect the sharp rise in 2 area that have shown the largest increase since Bynum’s original formulation:  fats and sugars.  60% of the US population is overweight with an astounding 37% being obese.  Also a meteoric rise in Type II diabetes: anyone born after 2003 now stands a 1 in 3 chance of developing Type II diabetes by adulthood.

Dr Bynum’s principles on enzyme nutrition were clear and uncompromising:  processed foods by definition have had their enzymes removed for greater shelf life.  Once in the body these adulterated, unnatural foods cannot be well broken down into the component nutrients the body needs.  Not only do they offer little food value in and of themselves, but by blocking the tract and bloodstream, they interfere with nutrient uptake from any enzyme-rich natural foods we may have eaten.

The key is bioavailability: the nutrients that end up being available at the cellular level.  All your body’s cells need oxygen and nutrients all day, every day.  Lack of both promotes deterioration, fatigue, and disease.  That’s the effect of processed enzyme-deficient snack foods.

See the chapter called The 60 Day Program for the key role played by Digestazyme in the detox program: 3 capsules 3 times a day for 60 days.  There is virtually no physical imbalance that will not improve from such a regimen.

The strength of the 60 Day Program is its classic simplicity, built on the fundamentals of nutrition.  Take care of the fundamentals first:  80% of the time, the imbalance is corrected; health returns.  And the first of the fundamentals is certainly enzyme nutrition:


                               TO ORDER:   call Immunition  915.307.1055                                     


TOTAL FLORABIOTICS                                    

After losing confidence in the company that was providing probiotics, in 2009 I was able to go back to the sources and philosophy of Dr Khem Shahani’s original formula, ascertain the quality and stability of the probiotics, and make some improvements to that. The best news is that we now own the formula, are confident in the superiority of this new blend, and also that there will never be disruptions in production.  Over a decade ago Dr Shahani did a study of probiotics and found that 80% of them contained nowhere near the bacterial counts advertised on the labels.  In the colon chapter at www.thedoctorwithin.com read about one of his life achievements DDS-1 lactobacillus acidophilus, which besides our new Total Florabiotics, is found today only rarely.  


Wrongly regarded merely as the body's sewer, the normal colon should be buzzing with life activity: billions of friendly bacteria. It is the immune center of the body. Their job is the final stage of digestion, leaving only what is absolutely of no use to the body to be eliminated.  Weighing as much as three pounds in the normal colon, comprising more than 400 species,  probiotics also function to keep ’bad’ bacteria in check.  A harmonious symbiosis between good and bad bacteria is the optimum situation within the human colon, so that no one species proliferates unchecked.

Other essential functions of normal gut probiotics include:

    Inhibition of food-poisoning bacteria
    Suppress tumor growth
    Break down undigested proteins
Most of us go through most of our lives with little or no intestinal flora.  Our friendly bacteria are constantly being killed off. How?

antibiotics we take
antibiotics given to the animals whose meat we eat
Zantac, Tagamet, Prilosec, etc.,
Advil, Tylenol, Excedrin, Motrin, etc
other prescription and over the counter medications


The site www.thedoctorwithin.com explains why flora is a vital part of the 60 Day Program.  Because of general lack of awareness flora are commonly omitted from most health regimens.  In the 60 Day Program we take a very simple approach: 3 capsules Total Florabiotics 3x per day for 2 months.

Flora is also the missing component in cases of persistent worsening allergies.  When this one supplement is tried, people often think the results are miraculous.  But the only miracle was that they had never heard about probiotics before. 

                                      Orders: call Immunition    915.307.1055