Swine flu panic 2009

Swine-flu - The contradictions of an "epidemic"

by Hans U. P. Tolzin

2009 May

One of the leading vaccine-critics in Germany

Investigator, writing articles, giving seminars and lectures on vaccine related topics.

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(Translation: Franz Erdl)

 (Lecture of Hans U. P. Tolzin at the “6. Stuttgarter Impfsymposium” (Vaccine conference in Stuttgart) , May 16. 2009. From Impfkritik.de)

 A new epidemic under the name "Swine-flu" or "Mexican swine-flu" or "Mexican flu" worries mankind at present and spreads fear and horror through the media. But how “real” is the claimed danger realy? The contradictions in the official comments of the world-health-authority WHO and the U.S.-epidemic-authority (CDC) could hardly be bigger. Experience now the most important arguments for why there is this alleged new and deadly epidemic only in the heads of the viral strategists at the CDC and the WHO.

 Scientific stand from 130 years ago

 The main-problem to me seems to be that almost all health-authorities world-wide are on scientific stand, that is out-of-date already since about 130 years. They at that time most important representatives of the infection-hypothesis, Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, still assumed that the human blood is sterile. The bacteria, which one could observe in patient-samples with the new and always improving light-microscopes, occurred exclusively in sick people according to their opinion and came from outside, for example penetrated as "air-germs" into these people.

 Already at that time, there were weighty voices among the researchers (for example Antoine Béchamp), that reminded that with suitable light-microscopes can be determined with careful and persevering observation, that bacteria and fungi change their form and activity according to the milieu. And that the blood is not sterile at all but that there is a whole lot of microorganisms in healthy as well as in sick human beings.

 Today we know that there is constantly a multiple of bacteria in us than body-cells. One could therefore claim that we don't consist of cells but of bacteria in the first place - which since the times of Pasteur and Koch are lethal enemies of human beings. And we have still not at all considered the essentially smaller viruses on that occasion, whose exploration began only about 70 years ago with the help of the electron microscope.

 Fatal fixation on microbes

 The fixation of the health-authorities on microbes still remain until today and is fatal in its effects: With most illness-symptoms, first of all an infection-illness is suspected, and a virus-test executed. If the test proves positive, this is normally enough to immediately stop any further cause-search. But it is quiet typical that these virus-tests frequently respond positively. According to such a "positive results", the only salvation then is seen in the fight against these microorganisms with the help of anti-bacterial or anti-viral medications.

 This may simplify the diagnosis-procedure very much for the doctor and may represent a not drying up source of ideas for new medications and money-streams for the manufacturers, but of course this is not appropriate for the complex correlations, that lead from illness to health with human beings.

 Should the infection-illnesses, as many holistic-doctors suspect, in reality be natural events, for example a reaction of the body to strong stress-factors, then we don’t have to be surprised, if said medications often lead to a decline of the symptoms: On the basis of the poisoning, that they essentially represent, of course the organism immediately must rearrange his list of priorities, and the infection-activities - at least for the time being – diminish. Unfortunately, no medication-study runs sufficiently long in order to be able to document the long-term consequences with the necessary precision.

 Blind belief in the germ-tests

 The germ-fixation therefore is the main-problem. The second problem is the blind belief in the germ-tests. Whoever asks about their standardization, that means for proof that a positively proceeded test means the presence of specific illness-causing germs, will normally be confronted with mystification, skepticism until real annoyance. So as you would have asked for proof that the earth is no disk but a ball, or that a new day follows the night. This also happened the Nobel laureate Dr Kary Mullis, for example, the inventor of the PCR-Tests, which is increasingly applied as germ-proof, when he asked years ago for the scientific bases for the proof of the Aids-virus through his procedure.

 Actually even certified experts don't know how these tests are standardized. My years-long investigations meanwhile yielded that practically they simply experiment so long with sick people, where they assume an infection with a certain germ, until the test - normally a so-called antibody-test or a gene-test (PCR) - reliably indicates positive with these sick people. Since no counterchecks are done normally, these tests however essentially only mean that certain symptoms are accompanied with certain test-results. They don't say anything about the cause of an illness. Purely nothing at all.

  How it began - the two first cases

 In South-California with two children, to whom they as first assumed the infection with a new flu-cause, determined gene-fractions have been found by means of PCR.

 So what? These children were not seriously ill and recovered already after a few days. Either, the people didn't begin in their nearest surroundings until today falling dead like the flies. Why therefore the whole excitement?

 Now, the co-workers of the CDC, the U.S.-epidemic-authority, were a little bit confused from the fact, that they had not succeeded with both children to determine the exact subtype of the supposed influenza-virus. I consciously write "supposed", because the PCR-tests in no direct way prove viruses, but rather DNA-fractions, of which "one" believes, that they are typical for certain viruses.

 Due to the blind belief in the correctness and wholeness of the viral gene-data base that serve as basis for the PCR-tests, the officials of the CDC looked further for hints about which type of virus it was. According to the gene-data base THEN a part of the found DNA belonged to a swine-flu-virus. The two sickened children, however, neither had contact with pigs nor with each other. Their domiciles roughly lie moreover 60 to 120 miles away from each other. The origin of the allegedly new influenza-viruses could not be clarified therefore.

 There, it fitted well that in Mexico, not much further than 12 miles from the domiciles, right now an increase of fatalities with cold-symptoms was observed. And so the intellectual connection with Mexico was made for the first time.

 The true cause of the "epidemic"

 There however, primarily healthy adults were concerned in the age between 20 and 40, not children, weakened and seniors, as that would be typical and comprehensible with a real flu-wave. Furthermore, the number of the fatalities was already retrograde again. As this were not already enough, one could determine the reputed late influenza-virus by means of PCR-gene-test only with a small fraction (!) of the deceased.

 The true cause of the, in reality not at all existing – epidemic - is to be essentially sought in, that recently in the USA, as also in many other countries - the so-called Influenza-Screening, the laboratory-backed supervision of the influenza-viruses of the population, was intensified immensely. And the more intensively one looks for something, the higher the likelihood, to find something, or not?

 The U.S.-epidemic-authority CDC, where this "epidemic" has its  origin, takes a special-position. It represents something like the leading wolf under the reference laboratories coordinated by the WHO world-wide. Regularly can be observed that published conclusions from the CDC, that actually can only be pure hypothesis because of the proof-situation, are taken over with the speed of the information-age from the other WHO-laboratories, and in consequence also from their governments.

 Someone, who has the power to it (preferably leading co-workers of the CDC) establishes, which DNA-fractures are associated with which type of virus and enters this assignment into a central data bank, on which the health-authorities came to a world-wide agreement.

 How however, this key-person got its corresponding conclusion and how exactly that person proved it, even the experts don't really know. Hardly anyone questions it.

 That is not a miracle either, because vaccination experts and virologists, that question this, question their right of existence simultaneously - and their career. It’s the same with the story of the ferryman, whose children starved, because he, in his truthfulness and softness pointed to all of his passengers out that a beautiful big bridge comes across immediately after the nearest river-inflection.

 If we therefore wait that reason and a healthy common sense become generally accepted within the community of the virologists someday, it could quite be that we wait in vain.

 A self fulfilling prophecy

 If one would only look for it, so one could determine with some flu-patients surely that they have a pimple or a birthmark or something similar on the left fanny-cheek and conclude, that these skin-irregularities must be the cause of the illness.

 Assumed, one now scans all people with breath-way-illnesses on this basis on skin-irregularities of meant body-part world-wide, so it is absolutely not avoidable to find a certain percentage. And already we have an interrelated epidemic and desperately can begin to understand the intercontinental infection-ways of the suspicion-cases and contact-persons.

 This is like a self fulfilling prophecy. And if you are astonished now, because the whole thing essentially is completely ridiculous, I agree with you. Welcome to real life!