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Too Little Too Late

Sept 2010

I am a new member and not just a passing casual visitor. Whenever injustice is done particularly by virtue of the cloak of concealment that is always cast by the medical profession when it is challenged either morally or financially, I am always interested.
It was my intention to rabbit on about this subject because it tends to relieve the anger that always wells up as I relate my story; however I have decided to jump straight in so as not to lose your attention.
The only thing I ask is that you remember that the most important issue is that this happened BEFORE the MMR scare was even suspected. This statement is to indicate that at no stage did I suspect that the MMR vaccine might have had any deferential effects on my son. BUT that changed only when I was alerted by reports in my daily paper many years later.
Sometimes I wonder if a few years ago when children as young as 12 months were given the MMR vaccine that parents or GPs could possibly be aware that children of such a young age actually suffered from any form of autism prior to the vaccine. Certainly in severe cases it would have been spotted, but for many of us it would have been difficult to tell, however if the child was an infant before given the vaccine any changes would have been more noticeable. Likewise if the MMR scare had been documented at that time then parents would certainly be on the lookout for even the most minor changes in their childrenís behaviour patterns, however correlation would have been far more difficult prior to the scare, so whether there is any basis of truth in the findings of Dr. Andrew Wakefield or not, it certainly attains some credibility if there had been changes in established behavioural patterns after the MMR vaccines but prior to his findings. This is my case in point.
My son Simon suffers from Aspergerís Syndrome! This form of Autism was completely unknown to my wife and I prior to his diagnosis in the mid nineties. With the MMR vaccines introduced when he was attending infant school (Pre-School) my wife and I were well aware of any problems Simon may have had and none of them were major in any way. On the advice of the GP he was given his first vaccine in 1988 when he was 4 years old with the booster around 6 weeks later.
Changes were becoming obvious within weeks of the vaccine. He became introverted at home, reverting to wetting the bed, falling of his bike, now unable to catch a ball. He became sullen and quiet, sitting and rocking from side to side, taking no interest in anything. His school reported that he was being disruptive and was not responding as he had previously. They omitted to report that he was being singled out and remorselessly bullied, particularly by the ethnic majority of the pupils that attended his school.
It was months into years before we gained an application by virtue of the school and the GP to attend the local Child Assessment Centre. Many months and several assessment officers later Simons final consultant was an Australian Physiatrist who one day asked us to look at a leaflet she had acquired. There in the description was the exact symptoms of Simons condition almost word for word, it portrayed Aspergerís Syndrome something neither my wife and I had never heard of which made the hairs on the nape of my neck stand up and I shuddered.
I do not need to describe the problems associated with Autism because most of you will have in some way experienced it. However our problems increased as Simon grew older and his condition became more apparent to his peers with virtually no help from the government or even voluntary services to help him or fund him in any way. Having to retire with Osteo Arthritis and suffering from Epilepsy my life with Simon has not been easy. This was demonstrated even more by a Cardiac Arrest and its consequences on my health in general. My wife, already a lifelong class 1 Diabetic, was during this period diagnosed with breast cancer from which the resultant Chemo laid her low for almost a year after her mastectomy.
It was during the last 7-8 years that I was alerted to the MMR vaccine scare, which set me to wondering. How does a perfectly normal 4 years old have a complete change of personality in just a few months? How can he simply forget how to catch or play with a football? How can forget how to ride a bike in few weeks or even to show the love or affection we had instilled in him? How can he forget how to brush his teeth or use a knife and fork?
What was the catalyst that prompted such a change? The answer may seem obvious but the MMR vaccine was the only answer I could come up with. The first and second inoculations Ďin 1988 came within the time scale of change. Also suspicious was that the particular batch of MMR vaccines with which Simon was inoculated was later withdrawn in 1992 because of suspected problems. This link is an article from the Daily Telegraph March 2007.
The GMC in union with the government who protects its interests with the pharmaceutical companies can deny almost with impunity any risks from the MMR vaccine stating that there is little if any evidence that the vaccine is responsible for any form of Autism and see if you can prove it!, Indeed about 3 years ago at a time when the scare was at its height the health authority for the area in which I live enlisted the names of 100 GPs to endorse the vaccine as safe, filling an entire page with their names advocating the safety of the vaccine. This to me was like a red rag to a bull because ignoring the subject of MMR not one doctor can possibly categorically vouch for any drug because they just do not know how it will react on any individual. Remember that many GPs and Consultants gave the Thalidomide Vaccine to hundreds of mothers to be the consequences of that trust and endorsement are well documented by the horrific results. None of those doctors bore any responsibility.
Another example of lack of understanding on a smaller scale are the common mistakes that are prevalent in the medical profession, those very people who are given drugs to administer with which they had no hand in producing, take my Epilepsy as one of those examples. I have been taking Phenytoin TABLETS every night for nearly 20 years and am completely stable. One evening while recovering from a heart attack a nurse tried,along with other medication, to give administer Phenytoin CAPSULES. My local pharmacist had already warned me about changes so I objected. The scorn of the nurse was obvious and the Sister made it known in no uncertain terms she was not pleased. She called in the duty doctor who tried his hardest to persuade me. Eventually some tablets were found.
But for the next 24 hours I left was in no doubt from the atmosphere that I was not a favourite on the ward. Despite vindication by the hospital pharmacist who endorsed my stand the sister would not speak to me for a week except to jab me more forcefully with her syringe! Had I accepted the capsules the stabilization of my fits could quite easily have been compromised and the consequences undeniable such as losing my driving license for 3 years.
Needless to say I believe that in the light of evidence i.e. my sons set personality at the time of the vaccine followed by the rapid change, the reputation and withdrawal of the 1988 vaccine, and the diagnosis of Aspergerís Syndrome, is evidence enough to allow legal action and that if I had the means I could pursue my sonís case in court. After all with my and my wifeís health prognosis not good when we go who will care for my son when we have gone. Trouble is where do I start?
Lastly I ask you to remember that this is a very condensed story like the inside of a book cover really.
I have missed out Simons own story, things such as his attending a Special Needs College and walking home regularly in the middle of the night over 33 miles come hell or high water twice against the traffic of the M5. How about walking directly into a fairground ride while it was in full motion, or jumping into the sea to catch a fish in 40 feet of icy water fully clothed etc. etc?
Any questions please ask.