Trouble with the grandparents on not vaccinating....

Best to ignore them if possible, trying to convince some people is impossible

they can read
or the 50-100 doctors who are anti-vaccine or vaccine critics
or the 50 or so anti vaccine books
and the 30 or so anti-smallpox vaccine books that easily show smallpox vax was killing 25,000 babies at the height of compulsory vaccination in 1880

or the 100 or so anti-vaccine articles, many written by medical doctors, see 15 on right
Jayne Donegan is an MD (MB in UK) with excellent articles
Buchwald MD another with 3 anti-vaccine books
Lanctot another
Mendelsohn the most famous

or say you don't believe in Allopathic medicine, you believe in Homeopathic, Chiropractic and Naturopathic, most of whose doctors don't support vaccination
one being Elmiger, a homeopathic MD, whose book absolutely shreds vaccination

when they have read those 50 books, 100 articles, tell them to get back to you, and to also study Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Natural Healing as well, also pleomorphism

just so they can argue froma position of knowledge rather than complete ignorance

then tell them to look at the vaccine ingredients and tell you why mercury isn't the most likely cause of the autism epidemic, as the leading expert Boyd Haley thinks it is

Then ask them if they knew measles deaths had declined by 99.4% before vaccination and that it is obvious from government statistics MMR vaccine is killing way more kids than measles would be doing with or without vaccination

and ask them if they knew these medical boys have had a simple cure for infections since 1949 but wont use it? Vitamin C

that should keep them busy!

Reply to:
Hello! So, I was inspired by the man's email last week that he was
drafting to send to his in-laws regarding why he wasn't vaccinating his
daughter. I decided to write a similar email to my parents including
some of his various points as I thought it was very well written. You
see, I have an 11 month old, unvaccinated son whose grandparents are
all very weary of the decision we made to not vaccinate. After reading
my email, my father wrote back saying "Go to this website:"
What do I say? This is so hard for my husband and me to talk to them
because they are so supportive of the AAP, CDC, etc.