Dear PROVE Members,
I am forwarding some sections from two separate articles that ran today so
you can read between the lines on what is really going on here.  The first
article may seem like it doesn't have to do with anything that we normally
discuss on this list, but make sure you read the second article and it all
becomes perfectly clear...The articles were just released 7 minutes apart
from each other.  Coincidence?  All I can say is here we go again -
remember the initial risk groups targeted for Hepatitis B vaccine and look
what we got "stuck" with!  Dawn

Sexual transmission of typhoid documented in U.S.
April 26, 2001
Web posted at: 11:04 AM EDT (1504 GMT)

" ATLANTA (AP) -- Health officials say they have documented the first
sexually transmitted outbreak of typhoid fever in the United States. The
rare disease usually is spread through tainted food and water.

A Cincinnati man passed typhoid to seven other men in the city who had sex
with him last summer, federal researchers said Wednesday. It is treatable
with antibiotics, but is occasionally fatal for victims who do not seek

Typhoid is most often transmitted by swallowing food and water contaminated
with human feces, which harbors a type of salmonella that causes the
disease. But health officials found that none of the Cincinnati men shared
food or drink.

The disease likely circulated by highly risky oral-anal contact among the
men, said Megan Reller, an epidemiologist with the U.S. Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.

The CDC labeled typhoid a sexually transmitted disease for the first time
at a conference in Atlanta this week..."
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New typhoid vaccine for young children
April 26, 2001
Web posted at: 11:15 AM EDT (1515 GMT)

"(AP) -- A new vaccine will allow doctors to immunize children younger than
5 against typhoid fever, a disease that affects 16 million people worldwide
and kills 600,000 every year...

The researchers plan to begin trials of the new vaccine in infants late
this year.  If their findings are confirmed in babies, Drs. Richard
Guerrant and Margaret Kosek of the University of Virginia wrote in an
editorial, "this vaccine will provide another exciting advance in the fight
against an increasingly resistant, highly virulent pathogen of poverty...

"This is exciting. It really is an important advance, especially in what
are really diseases now of inadequate water and sanitation," Guerrant, a
geographic medicine professor, said in an interview. He said, however, that
the vaccine can't be considered a substitute for development and improved

Doctors treat only about 400 cases of typhoid each year in the United
States, and 70 percent of those people caught the disease during travel in
developing nations, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and

However, typhoid is very common in India and developing countries in Asia,
Africa and Latin America. In many of those countries, the germ is resistant
to common antibiotics, forcing doctors to use those in a more expensive
group, Szu said..."

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