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Vaccine fertility control: the last mass control weapon of the establisment

The last issue of the HMS Beagle, the magazine of the BioMedNet online journal services, came up with the paper titled “Future Prospects for Vaccines to Control Fertility” [1] by Peter J. Delves, Torben Lund, and Ivan M. Roitt.

As a biologist in the field of immunology I understand how strong a weapon such vaccine could be to prevent people from having children even if they wanted to have them, stealing their rights of reproduction.

Although a low reproduction may seem desirable in some societies nowadays, this tool to achieve such purpose is malign in the sense that it can be used without the individuals noticing at all. When this
vaccine development comes to the point of being able to distribute a working version of it, and since this vaccine is developed not only under government funding but also in private corporations, nothing
prevents this vaccine to be secretly inoculated into mineral water bottles or soda cans. And even if this vaccine due to chemical constraints could not be distributed together with food or drink, our
babies are every year inoculated with vaccines to protect them against several diseases such as poliomyelitis, and again, nothing prevents the pharmacological industry that produces such vaccines to include in it the infertility vaccine, the same way the AIDS virus has been inoculated into millions of africans together with the yellow fevers or the sleeping disease vaccines [2].

As the authors so utterly put it, “Irrespective of the type of vaccine, vaccine development will require substantial sums of money. Governments, non governmental organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry will need to be convinced that such an approach is likely to become an
acceptable method of birth control.”

As always, the public is taken as a dumb mass who needs to be told what to do and what to believe. If such “substantial sums of money” where put to better use, so to speak, to provide a better education for people which would result in a broader general culture and a sharper ability to reason and design approaches to resolve their own day to day problems, no need of outside birth control would be needed. Needless to say, this would result in the feared-most scenario of the high class conservatives who hold the mass media agencies and industry corporations, and for such reason the media is going to spread out the need and lovely consequences of accepting their shit.

[1] “Future Prospects for Vaccines to Control Fertility” [1] by Peter J.
Delves, Torben Lund, and Ivan M. Roitt; this paper also will be published soon at the journal Trends in Immunology.
[2] “Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS” B. F. ELSWOOD and R. B. STRICKER Reprinted from Medical Hypotheses, vol. 42, 1994, pp. 347-354, in http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/dissent/documents/AIDS/Elswood94.html