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[Insert] Pneumovax II    (Aventis Pasteur MSD Ltd)   Polysaccharide from each of 23 capsular types of pneumococcus

VAERS reports
Total reports: 2651 Reported hospitalizations: 1294      Reported deaths: 40

[2011 April] Pneumovax 23 an emperor with no clothes. by Hilary Butler  why does any government keep funding it, and persuading patients to use a vaccine that doesn't work?  for the same reason as they keep funding flu vaccines, and persuading patients to use a flu vaccine that doesn't work either....They recommend it, and fund it, because if you tell lies long enough, most people will believe you.  After all, you have to give big pharma every encouragement in hard times, don't you?   And you MUSTN'T.. mustn't point out to people, that the medical literature is jam packed with articles showing that it's not possible to get pneumonia, the flu or any respiratory infection ...  if you have a good diet with good levels of vitamin D and vitamin C, which enables your innate immune system to work properly....