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Dr. Offit shares the patent on the Rotavirus vaccine in development by Merck and lists a $350,000 grant from Merck for Rotavirus vaccine development. Also, he lists that he is a consultant to Merck.

[2015 Feb] Paul Offit and Rotavirus Vaccine: Deaths on VAERS By John Stone  In the developed world rotavirus infection does not seem to be associated with mortality: this is not quite so with rotavirus vaccines, including Merck's RotaTeq vaccine in which Professor Offit had a share.....Reports on VAERS (9 February 2015) for the Offit/Merck Rotateq vaccine introduced in 2006 list 1,068 cases of intussusception with 10 accompanying deaths  (1 in 107) while Rotarix (introduced in 2008?) has 553 cases of intussusception  and 11 deaths  (a very disturbing rate of 1 in 50).

[2012 March] Infarmed suspended vaccines RotaTeq and Prevnar 13 for suspected adverse reaction   The National Authority of Medicines and Health Products (Infarmed) determined, as a precautionary measure, the immediate suspension of the use of vaccines RotaTeq and Prevnar 13 for suspected serious adverse reactions in children.   According to an information circular Infarmed was suspended Lot no. ļ 1590AA/0671579 with valid until May 31, 2013, the oral solution RotaTeq against rotavirus, a major cause of gastroenteritis in children and Lot no. No. F73745 (917,690), valid until May 31, 2014, the injectable vaccine Prevnar 13 for the prevention of pneumonia. ......According to today's edition of the Journal News, Infarmed this decision is related to the death, on Monday, a baby of six months in a nursery in Camarate, Loures, which had been recently vaccinated.

All Is Not Well: The FDA Animal House (Hint, It's About Pigs)

[2010 may] TODAY: FDA Public Meeting To Discuss DNA From PCV1 in Rotavirus Vaccines

[2010 May] FDA Said RotaTeq Did Not Contain PCV1 Pig Virus DNA Snips Seven Weeks Ago

[2009 June] Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market the extraordinary valuation placed on CHOPís patents raises concerns over Offitís use of his former position on the CDCís Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to help create the market for rotavirus vaccine -- to effectively vote himself rich.

[2009 March RotaTeq] AAAAI: Rotavirus Vaccine May Cause Infections in SCID Kids

[Aug 2008] False Prophet: Rotateq, Created By Paul Offit, Responsible for at Least One Death By J.B. Handley

[Feb 2007] Bowel problem seen in infants given Merck vaccine

[NVIC March 2006] Infant Diarrhea Vaccine, rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq)

Just three years after the introduction of Offit's Rotateq there are 2,919 associated events on VAERS, 696 associated hospitalisations and 78 deaths. This is a high proportion of hospitalisations to events, and deaths to hospitalisations.