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WESTPORT, Oct 18 1999 (Reuters Health) - The Wyeth Lederle Vaccines unit of American Home Products said on Friday that it has voluntarily withdrawn its RotaShield rotavirus vaccine from the market and has requested an immediate return of all vaccine doses.

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"CDC Gets More Cases of Illnesses Tied to Rotavirus Vaccine"
Washington Post--Health (07/27/99) P. 11; Squires, Sally
Physicians are continuing to inform the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) of additional cases of a rare
intestinal problem associated with the use of a rotavirus vaccine
in infants. According to Melinda Wharton, chief of the
vaccine-preventable diseases branch at the CDC, nearly 25 cases
of intussusception occurred within three to seven days after
vaccination last week, a little bit more than the 16 to 19 cases
the agency anticipates within a week. Officials are not yet
certain if the vaccine is linked to the increase in the number of
intussusception cases; however, as a precaution, pediatricians
have been asked to desist from administering the Wyeth-Lederle
product. Roughly 1.8 million doses of the vaccine had been
distributed as of June 1, but officials are not certain how many
children actually received the vaccine.

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Below: Parade Magazine, January 9, 2000. Image of pediatrician 'pixelized' to conceal his identity. He advised, "Rotovirus infection causes 'winter diarrhea' and can be fatal. A vaccine is available.. ask your doctor if your child needs to have it." In October 1999, after receiving 15 reports of intestinal blockage (called intussusception, and can also be fatal) among children who had recently received the Rotashield vaccine, the CDC recommended that the vaccine be withdrawn from the market pending an investigation. Ooops--Susan Kreider

Pediatrician gives bad advice