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Vaccines Caused My Sonís Autism

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BlazeI have been in the world of special-needs advocacy for 10 years, and in that time I have come across countless people who are defensive, close-minded, and extremely indoctrinated about their across-the-board absolute statements that vaccines canít cause autism.  These people are often applauded or even possibly financially compensated for their stance.

After a decade of some disappointing and one-sided conversations, I refuse to go toe-to-toe with these people anymore, because they are not going to hear me, and I am not going to hear them.  But I would like to go on record with a quick list of how I know it did (in my sonís situation), and does happen.  VACCINES CAN CAUSE ďAUTISM.Ē  THEY CAUSED MY SONíS ďAUTISM.Ē  THEY CAUSED MANY OF MY FRIENDSí CHILDRENíS ďAUTISM.Ē


Hereís what I want to say to all the people who say it isnít so:

1)  Many people have been compensated in vaccine court for medical issues that are a part of their autism and even autism itself.  If the American government is paying people who have autism due to vaccine-injury, how can you say vaccines donít cause autism?

2)  Many autoimmune issues are scattered throughout my family including lupus, epilepsy, asthma, allergies, and eczema.  How do you attempt to trick a babyís immune system, when that system is likely not functioning properly? Thirteen needles worth of maniuplation by six months of age without consideration for family history is just plain old insanity, actually.  But thatís what happened to my son.

3) Speaking of family history, my sister spent a week in the hospital after the MMR at age 7, and my cousin contracted a ďrare blood diseaseĒ after her nursing school vaccines at age 24.  My sister was never vaccinated again per her pediatrician, and my cousin will never vaccinate herself or any child she may have, either. Which leads to the argument that there are people who cannot handle vaccines, and thatís why everyone ELSE should be vaccinated Ė to create herd immunity for those that are contraindicated, immune-challenged individuals like my son.  Well, no one is considering each childís vulnerability.  No one. Every child is vaccinated with no questions asked (unless the parent refuses). In addition, herd immunity is nothing more than a theory. I havenít been vaccinated in years. And I certainly wasnít vaccinated against much.  Studies show immunity wanes in 2-10 years. Iíve had maybe seven vaccines. How many adults do you know who are fully vaccinated?

4)  I worked for a pediatrician as an autism family advocate. I did intake for approximately 300 families with children with autism.  I took my story to the CDC.  From what I saw, many of these families and their previous doctors linked vaccines to their childrenís issues.   There were no ďcoincidences.Ē  Like my family, more than half had autoimmune family histories.

5)  As an activist in childrenís health, you meet many moms who have
sick children.  Some of them have kids with autism, some with PANDAS/PANS, some with life-threatening allergies, others with the most terrible of attention/behavior issues, skin issues, learning issues, sleep issues, breathing issues.  Some with mitochondrial disorders, some with genetic issues in the family, some even courageously face cancer.  Because most of these issues can overlap, we may not even see it because we donít know what ďnormalĒ looks like anymore. Children with chronic health issues have become the norm.  Many things can be connected to the declining health of America, but some things stand out:  the uptake in vaccines; the uptake in the use of Roundup and GMOs; the uptake ingeneral use of chemicals with no safety data, making vaccines just that much more potentially harmful. All combining to poison our children.

6)  My sonís issues have improved dramatically from treatment for vaccine injury.  He has been treated for heavy metal burden, immune system dysfunction involving hard to treat systemic pathogens, gut dysbiosis and inflammation.  And his life is going to turn out great, you know why?  We TREATED the vaccine injury.  He was basically non-verbal at four and not toileting at age five. He is now a seventh grader and is fully included.  You can read more about him and our path in the last chapter of The Thinking Momsí book.

7)  And finally, hereís the rub.  My sonís pediatrician concluded that his autism was caused by his vaccines.  You do not know my child.  His doctor and his parents do.

I am completely aware that this might not be your childís story.  I am only telling ours.  Our TRUTH.

~ Blaze

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