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Some people should not get MMR vaccine or should wait

What are the risks?

Mild Problems

If these problems occur, it is usually within 7-12 days after the shot.  They occur less often after the second dose

Moderate Problems

Severe Problems (very rare)

Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness
Permanent brain damage

DPT (Recommended--up to 5 doses, 2,4,6,12/12 months & 4-6 yrs)

3. What are the risks from these vaccines?

As with every medicine, vaccines carry a small risk of serious harm, such as severe allergic reaction or even death.
Moderate Reactions
Non stop crying (3 hours or more)---100 of every 10,000 doses (one in 100)
Fever of 105 or higher        ----------30 of every 10,000 doses
Seizure (jerking or staring)------------6 of every 10,000 doses
Child becomes limp, pale, less alert----6 of every 10,000 doses
Severe Reactions
There are two kinds of serious reactions:
Severe allergic reaction (breathing difficulty, shock)
Severe brain reaction (long seizure, coma or lowered consciousness)
Is there lasting damage?
Experts disagree on whether pertussis vaccines cause lasting brain damage
If they do, it is very rare.

6. Some children should not get these vaccines or should wait

Your doctor or nurse has information on what to do in this case (for example, give one of these vaccines, wait, give medicine to prevent fever).

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