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Infant Mortality.

The upper portion of  this  diagram shows the Infant Mortality of London  from  1730 to  1830, from Dr. Farr's  tables  in   McCulloch's Statistical Account of the British Empire, vol. ii., p. B43 (1847).    From 1840 to 1890 shows the Infant Mortality of England calculated from the Reports of the Registrar-General (see 3rd Report, p. 197, Table-0).    Materials for the continuation  of  Dr. Farr's London  Table  (under  5 years) are not given by the Registrar-General.

The Lower part of the Table shows, on a larger scale, the Infant Mortality of London, under one year, as given by the Registrar-General in his Annual summary for 1891, Table 12, p. xxv., and in his 68th Annual Report, Table 25, p. xci.