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Comparison of Scotland  and Ireland as  regards their Death-rates   from   Smallpox    and   two Zymotics (measles and Scarlet Fever)

From Tables given in the Roy. Comm. Final Report. (See pages .35, 37, 42, and 44)

Solid lines.    Small-pox (shaded for distinctness).
Dotted lines.    Two Zymotics.
Both per million living.

[back] CHAPTER 6:  SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION Graph  4. shows the statistics of mortality in Ireland and Scotland from small-pox and certain chosen zymotics, from the tables which were laid before the Commission by the official advocates of vaccination. These show two striking facts, which the Commissioners failed to notice in their Final Report. First, the smaller amount of small-pox mortality in Ireland than in Scotland, the latter being alleged to be well vaccinated, the former imperfectly so; and, secondly, the similar difference in the two chosen diseases and the general parallelism of the two. Here again we see clearly the influence of density of population, Scotland having a very much larger proportion of its inhabitants living in large manufacturing towns.