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Warning About Flu Vaccines 

from Clifford Shoemaker, Esq.

There are two kinds of influenza vaccines (both regular flu and swine
flu) available this year - one contains Thimerosal (a mercury based
preservative) and the other does not.  As a general rule, the
vaccines that come in single dose packages do not contain mercury,
while the multi-dose vials do. However, some clinics pre-fill
syringes from multi-dose vials.  Thus, you need to verify that the
syringe was filled by the vaccine's manufacturer and not by anyone
else, if you are offered a flu-shot dose in a syringe.

The amount of mercury in the Thimerosal preserved vaccines is about
25 micrograms.  The EPA safe dose (confirmed by the National Academy
of Science in 2001) for exposure to methyl mercury that should not be
exceeded is .1 microgram per kilogram of body weight per day.  This
standard is set for "methyl" mercury.  Neither FDA nor EPA has set a
"safe" level for "ethyl" mercury, the active ingredient in
Thimerosal, but the FDA considers them equivalent in its risk
evaluation.  Although they are similar organic molecules, studies
show that an equivalent dose of "ethyl" mercury can actually deposit
more mercury in the brain.  So, if a child receives a shot with 25
micrograms of mercury, the child would have to weigh 550 pounds to
remain within the recommended safe level of exposure.  With regard to
injecting these vaccines into pregnant women, we know that some of
the mercury will cross the placental barrier to the fetus.  We tell
pregnant women not to eat fish, and yet our government is not warning
them about having mercury injected into their bodies while they are
pregnant.  In my opinion, this is inexcusable.

If you receive the swine flu vaccine this year, be sure to keep the
card they give you, and make sure the card lists the manufacturer and
lot number of the vaccine.  But if you are injured by the vaccine,
you will not be able to go to the no fault vaccine court that is
available for other vaccine injuries.  You will have to apply for
compensation to a special program, from which there is no appeal and
no right to pursue any kind of civil litigation.  The industry demand
for complete immunity is yet another reason to doubt government
claims that mercury-containing vaccines are "safe."  CDC admitted at
a meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting on
September 15 that none of the safety trials of the H1N1 vaccines
would be completed on either pregnant women or infants prior to
launch of these vaccines, yet they still "believe" them to be safe.

If you try to get a mercury free flu vaccine and are unable to do so
or if this letter has reached you after you already received your flu
shot and you discover the one you received had mercury in it, please
contact the people at CoMeD (The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs) by
emailing them your story and detailed contact information using the
"Contact Us" link provided on the CoMeD website:

Since our public health officials do not seem concerned about
protecting the pregnant women and children in this country, I am
forced to ask that everyone who gets this message forward it to all
your family and friends.