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Autism Treatment Trust.

[2009 March] Autism March London 2009 The Cambridge University study’s author Simon Baron-Cohen says the increase in autism is due to: “Better recognition” ----this is baloney. Baron-Cohen is also quoted as saying the rise in autism is due to “Changing diagnostic criteria”---this is more baloney.  Many of today’s autistic children cannot talk. What we are being told by Baron-Cohen is that prior to 1990, parents did not notice that their children could not talk, doctors did not notice, teachers did not notice. We need scientists with integrity, truly independent scientists. Not self-publicists.
    Our children are being failed The vaccination programme is definitely, unequivocally, absolutely, deeply implicated in what has happened to thousands of British children and tens of thousands of children worldwide.



[2008] Grandad jabs at top doctors over MMR vaccineA WHO’S WHO of Britain’s top doctors has been reported to the General Medical Council over claims they failed to address health issues regarding the triple jab.  It marks a dramatic twist to the debate about the alleged link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism.  Those reported to the GMC include Professor David Salisbury, the Department of Health’s director of immunisation, and the Government’s chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson.  Also on the list is Mr Donaldson’s predecessor, Sir Kenneth Calman, who until recently was Vice Chancellor of Durham University.

[2008 Letter BMJ] The MMR story is not complete

[2008 Aug] Dumb And Dumber Bill and grandson Luke, who at the age of 13 still can't speak

[2008 Letter]

[2008 BMJ]  The MMR “debacle” as Ben Goldacre describes it is far from over. "The blame" does not lie with “hundreds of journalists” etc, it lies fairly and squarely with a highly politicised health system that discourages dissent from within its own ranks, that combined with a greed philosophy that has enveloped a once fine profession. It may be of interest to BMJ readers to learn of some of the glowing descriptive terms used at the ongoing GMC trial of Dr Wakefield et al, with regard to their scientific research: “excellent”, “robust and rigorous”, “revolutionary”, “watertight”, “clinical observation backed up by good science”, etc, etc. I could go on but when I tell you that these quotes are from prosecution witnesses you will realise how far off the mark ‘Becoming’ Ben is in his attacks on the witness of thousands of parents. And that is what the MMR debate has become, a battle between ordinary citizens whose children face 70 years of mental handicap and pain, and people like Goldacre. This is no longer about good science or bad science, the science debate was over when the editor of the Lancet, Richard Horton, recently conceded re Wakefield’s paper, and I quote: 'The essential clinical findings remain unchallenged as far as their accuracy is concerned'. Perhaps Horton can encourage Goldacre “to a deeper understanding of this complex issue”.