Wisconsin Citizens For Free Choice In Immunization

Marge Grant is the author of “A Stolen Life” and the mother of Scott Grant, who suffered severe irreversible brain damage as an infant in l961 from childhood vaccines. The profound vaccine injury rendered Scott a lifelong non-ambulatory, spastic quadriplegic that created indescribable challenges for him and his entire family. It literally gave rise to Marge becoming a vaccine heretic and pioneering a nation-wide vaccine safety movement.

Marge is Co-Founder of Wisconsin Citizens For Free Choice In Immunization, an organization of committed parents who successfully petitioned their state legislators in l979 and l980 to change the law, that would allow parents the “freedom to choose” whether or not to have their children vaccinated before entering school.

She and her husband Jim founded the Wisconsin parent organization, DPT-SHOT, the acronym for “Determined Parents To Stop Hurting Our Tots.”

Because of her son's profound vaccine injury and her intense endeavors to keep informed of crucial vaccine issues, Marge made forty trips to Washington, D.C. to repeatedly testify before the United States Congress. She served on the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV), to represent children who have suffered vaccine-related injury or death. She further served on the National Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine's Vaccine Safety Forum, for several years.