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Hi to Jackie and all others behind 'awareness' and supporting families that experience adverse events following any vaccine.

Just dropped in, to catch up with some of the MMR vaccine news.

For those that don't know me. I are a parent too that has experienced adverse vaccine events. Our son within a hour of having a single measles vaccine in NZ/ 1987, went into a coma state for 19 hours. Diagnoses 'organic brain syndrome due to a measles vaccine encephalopathy'. (sudden disturbance of brain functions).
It was a sudden welcome to the world of disabilities, with ACC in NZ accepting a vaccine medical misadventure claim.
20 yrs on, with much therapy, ours sons just left home(2 WEEKS AGO)= out flatting and able to hold down a job.

My only advise to people wondering about vaccinating is ask questions, read as much as you can, and go with your gut feelings. http://www.jabs.org.uk/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6