Autism Autoimmunity Project Press Release on Major Sonnie Bates/Anthrax/Son
Autistic from Vaccines

The following Press Release was sent to Major Sonnie Bates outside Dover
AFB. Major Sonnie Bates is up for court martial refusing an order to receive
the Anthrax vaccine. Major Sonnie Bates has an autistic son, Seth due to
receiving 3 different vaccines in one day (two of them were the MMR and
DPT). There is a protest at noon, today, January 29th outside the gates of
the Dover AFB. Coverage by the local TV media, AP, CBS-TV and FOX-TV.


January 29, 2000

Dear Members of the Media:

As President of the Autism Autoimmunity Project, the parent of a 15 year old
autistic boy due to the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, and a
Vietnam-era Veteran, I wish to express my support of Major Sonnie Bates in
refusing to receive the injection of the Anthrax Vaccine.

Major Bates is a good officer with an excellent record and because the US
Government has decided to take on a mantle of acting the part of a
Fascist/Communist Government in mandating vaccines, the military will be
deprived of a fine young man. As a Veteran, my country, the US, is no
longer the democracy I once knew. Today we have a dictatorship run by the
Center for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Defense
(DOD) where such poisonous substances like the Anthrax Vaccine
are mandated on our young service personnel.

If this country is still a democracy, then choice should be a factor. Or am
I mistaken, and in the dead of night the Nazi Stormtroopers moved in
and burned our Constitution?

As parents we thought we were good and got all the mandatory vaccines that
were required. Our child was born normal. After the vaccines, he
became autistic. Our organization has hundreds of names of parents that have
autistic children due to vaccines. Our organization intends to fund
the researchers that will prove what we knew all along, that the world-wide
epidemic of autism is caused by an immune insult triggered by vaccines.

Major Bates has an autistic child due to an adverse reaction to vaccines. He
shouldn't have to be burdened with the Department of Defense that wants to
make another victim because there is money to be made on these poisons.
Follow the money trail. There you find the answers to why vaccines are more
important than people.

Stop the madness! Before the madness becomes the extinction of the human
species as we know it. It is genetic experimentation at its worse.


Raymond Gallup, President
Autism Autoimmunity Project